Friday, November 20, 2015

Linnyland & ART WONDERLAND at Hampton Gallery

Opening at Hampton Gallery, Kamloops BC Canada
Saturday, 21 November 2015
with NEW Linnyland paintings!!
"Holiday Moon", 24 x 12, ©Linny D. Vine, "Village View", 36 x 18, ©Linny D. Vine, 
"Chinatown Snow", 24 x 12, ©Linny D. Vine

Friday, November 6, 2015

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

HaPpY November from Linnyland!

Happy November from Linnyland!! 
NEW month, 
NEW snow
& NEW Linnyland painting
 at Adele Campbell Fine Art Gallery 
(Whistler BC Canada)!
"Snowy Delight", 36 x 18, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

YES, there's a NEW Face in Ottawa this week - DELIGHTED to share that Canada's largest gallery of art, Koyman Galleries of Ottawa Ontario, now represents Linny D. Vine & Linnyland!

Yes, there's a NEW FACE IN OTTAWA 
this week - DELIGHTED to share 
that Canada's largest gallery of art, 
KOYMAN GALLERIES of Ottawa Ontario... represents Linny D. Vine & Linnyland!

Link to view selection of Linny/Linnyland paintings available at Koyman Galleries: 

Monday, October 12, 2015

HaPpY Thanksgiving from Linnyland!

HaPpY Thanksgiving from Linnyland...and so much to be grateful for!
"Red and White Delight", 24 x 12, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

EXHIBIT - V article "The Road to Linnyland" by Philip Willey:

EXHIBIT - V Wednesday, October 7, 2015

       ["Island Adventure", 16 x 16, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine, sold]

The Road to Linnyland. Philip Willey - Sept.2015.

"A certain aesthetic seems to prevail in BC landscape painting that probably can be traced back to the Group of Seven. The Group succeeded in creating a Canadian landscape form that has evolved into a uniquely West Coast style that pulsates with life, rhythm and the spirit of place.

Emily Carr set the pace of course with her powerful and evocative depictions of West Coast iconography as did Jack Shadbolt who explored the subject from a semi-abstract angle.

They were followed by painters like E.J.Hughes, who studied under FrederickVarley, and Robert Genn who passed away recently. Genn’s paintings continued the Canadian landscape tradition with a strong sense of design and form reminiscent of the Group who were themselves heavily influenced by French Impressionism.

The West Coast style of painting lives on. It can be found in the work of artists like Glenn Clark, Drew Burnham, Ken Gillespie, Greta Guzek and others who all share a similar approach to line, form and colour whilst following their own visions of B.C.s majestic scenery. Some are mainly interested in capturing the essence of place, some are cerebral and some are exuberant. All show love and respect for the grandeur of nature.

Which brings us to the reason for writing this piece, Linny D. Vine, who has brought the genre up to date by adding a personal touch.

Linny D.Vine 

She was born in Saskatoon in 1960, grew up in Vancouver and she has lived in Victoria since 1992. In actual fact she lives in Linnyland. It’s a happy place where trees and buildings bend to suit the mood of the paintings, where water and sky are full of rich impasto movement. She draws on local landmarks for inspiration. Her urbanscapes include places like City Hall, the Belfry Theater and Swan’s Pub rendered to appear idyllic. Cherry blossoms for instance, a welcome sign of spring in Victoria, are cotton candy like but never garish. They are always integrated into the background so that the colours are slightly exaggerated but always harmonious. Her landscapes often feature a Volkswagen van, a sixties symbol of freedom and life on the open road…..minus any hint of traffic congestion or clear cutting.

There are no discordant elements in Linneyland. It’s part of the charm. She describes herself (Focus Magazine May 2012 article by Christine Clark ) as ‘….a realist who knows the world is not all beautiful. It’s a balance of joy and sorrow. I’m a big believer in feeling everything, but I love to strive for happiness.’

Linny D.Vine’s work incorporates both Emily Carr’s emotion and the more formal approach of Robert Genn. At the same time she is revitalizing the landscape scene with a lighthearted quirkiness. Her paintings are friendly and very approachable expressions of sheer joy.

Monday, September 14, 2015

"Crop Tour"

Let's all go for a Crop Tour in Linnyland!
"Crop Tour", 24 x 24, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine

Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Blackberry Light"

From a late August, late evening 
Linnyland painting adventure where,
as I wandered about sampling Blackberries and
choosing what to paint, the mountains behind Fisgard Lighthouse
were quickly "staining" the same Blackberry juice colors as my fingers.
"Blackberry Light", 8 x 6, oil on wood, ©Linny D. Vine

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Special Spot"

This year's Linnyland painting from the
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria TD Art Gallery Paint-In 2015. 
And, remember for each year that 
I've been invited to create and demonstrate 
at this wonderful event I've painted a location from 
somewhere along Moss Street (Victoria BC Canada) 
-- although if you rather, 
this painting can be of anywhere that you 
imagine it to be.
This is the 10th Moss Street Linnyland painting!

“Special Spot (on Moss)", 36 x 18, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Blue Moon Week in Linnyland included; 
studio time (stay tuned...), 
a wee Linnyland painting adventure where, 
as I zoomed in on an old ship 
(that rumour has, will be sunk to create a diving reef), 
the many "lookers" who wandered by included 
the trio of Lorenzo the dog, Blue Eyed Daughter 
and her Blue Eyed Father
 (who was a Robert Genn doppelganger if I ever saw one 
-- although I have no idea of Robert Genn's eye color) 
and who shared samplings of their freshly 
picked (dark blue) blackberries, a swimming adventure 
in the blue-green waters of Secret Lake with Otters, 
blue Dragonflies and a blue-grey Kingfisher, 
the scent of Sweet Grass, 
blue skies of swooping Swallows, 
a meadow of Queen Anne's Lace, 
more blue skies this time full of Turkey Vultures, 
and another swim under a blue sky in the blue-green waters 
of Not A Secret Lake
 and last night's orange Blue Moon!
"Reefer", 5 x 7, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Salon 2015 at West End Gallery

West End Gallery
Summer Salon 2015

"Sunny summer days are celebrated at West End Gallery with a Summer Salon featuring leading Canadian painters in an outstanding group exhibiton. Showcasing the diversity and talent of Canadian artists and their work, landscapes, still lifes, abstracts, impressionists, urban and figurative styles are all represented in this varied collection from an artist line-up that includes Steven Armstrong, Claudette Castonguay, Rod Charlesworth, Richard Cole, Ken Faulks, Greta Guzek, Patricia Johnston, Paul Jorgenson, Elka Nowicka, Guy Roy, Claude A. Simard and Linny D. Vine.

Accompanying these exquisite painters will be works from an array of glass artists from across Canada including Vancouver Islands' Robert Held, Gabriola Island's Tammy Hudgeon, Darren Petersen, Paull Rodgrique and David Thai."

1203 Broad Street
Victoria BC Canada

~At West End Gallery with Linny D. Vine's wall of Summertime in Linnyland!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Thank-you for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria TD Art Gallery Paint-In 2015 photos!

a great big THANK-YOU to everyone for photos of Linny in Linnyland at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 28th Annual TD Art Gallery Paint-In 2015!!

                   -photo credit Kathryn Alexander

                         -photo credit Brad Pasutti/Exhibit V

                                                                   -photo credit David Emery

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The 28th Annual Art Gallery of Greater Victoria TD Art Gallery Paint-In -- or this year, "The Moss Street Melt-In 2015!"

The 28th Annual Art Gallery of Greater Victoria TD Art Gallery Paint-In
-or this year, "The Moss Street Melt-In!" was record HOT!!

We all melted AND we all had FUN!!

Thank-you to ALL at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria,
plus the many, many, many volunteers, the new and old friends, 
the old and new Linny D. Vine/Linnyland Collectors,
the art lovers, the other artists, ... 

... all of the amazing residents of Moss Street, 
and all of the great supporters and sponsors, too!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Linny D. Vine's Art Gallery of Greater Victoria's TD Art Gallery Linnyland Paint-In Collage 2005 - 2014

This is the 10th successive year that I've been invited
 to create and demonstrate at t
he Art Gallery of Greater Victoria's 
TD Art Gallery Paint-In 
(sometimes know as the Moss Street Paint-In)!! 
Each and every year the Linnyland painting is of a 
location that's somewhere along Moss Street. 
Come for a visit tomorrow and guess the location 
of the 2015 painting! 
You'll find me in Linnyland just up from Rockland Avenue
 and Moss street, same block as the gallery 
and same side of the street. 
See you there between 10:00 - 4:00!!
Linny D. Vine Linnyland Paint-In Collage
of paintings from years 2005 -2014
(not in any particular order).

Monday, July 13, 2015

"Emily Carr House" SOLD

New from the Linnyland easel:
 "Emily Carr House", with Emily and Woo, too!
This is the childhood home of the much loved 
Canadian painter & author, Emily Carr. 
Emily's home had a lasting impression on her paintings and writings.
Emily Carr House is located in Victoria BC and is 
a National Historic Site of Canada. 
"Emily Carr House", 24 x 12, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine

Saturday, July 11, 2015

28th Annual TD ART GALLERY PAINT-IN Saturday July 18, 2015

Only one more week until Victoria's Favourite Annual Art Event!!!

WHO: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, YOU, LINNYLAND & Linny D. Vine

plus 165 other artists


(previously known as the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Moss Street Paint-In)

WHERE:Find LINNY in LINNYLAND just up from the corner of Rockland Avenue and Moss Street;

& on the same side of the street as the gallery!
(Moss Street is closed to vehicular traffic with artists stationed all 
along both sides of Moss Street from Fort Street to Dallas Road [Victoria, BC Canada]) 

WHEN: Saturday, July 18th 2015 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm 

WHY: This fabulous event is annually named as the City of Victoria's 

Don't miss the FUN!
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria OPEN HOUSE 10 am - 5 pm
Food and Beverage Garden 11 am - 9 pm
with dancing to live music with Groove Kitchen 5 - 9 pm

photo courtesy AGGV

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

HaPpY 4th of July!!
"Yellow Dog on a Pogo Stick", 10 x 5, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine 
(available through Geren Gallery, Tubac Arizona USA

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


HaPpY CANADA DAY from Linnyland!
"West Coast Light", 24 x 12, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine
(available through Adele Campbell Fine Art Gallery, Whistler BC Canada)

Sunday, June 28, 2015


HaPpY HaPpY PRIDE, with love from Linnyland!
"Unicorn & Rainbow", 3 x 3, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Summertime Swans" SOLD

HaPpY Summer Solstice and HaPpY International Aboriginal Day,
 HaPpY Father's Day, HaPpY Yoga Day...
HaPpY Day from Linnyland!
"Summertime Swans", 30 x 20, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine SOLD

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Thetis Cove Life"

From a Swallow swooping 
Linnyland painting adventure at Thetis Cove.
"Thetis Cove Life", 8 x 6, oil on wood, ©Linny D. Vine

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rouge Gallery

Thank-you for the warm welcome Rouge Gallery!

"We are pleased to welcome Linny D. Vine to the gallery roster! 
Please view more of her work at www.rouge"

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Hanging Gardens Group Show at West End Gallery

The Hanging Garden Group Show 
West End Gallery - Victoria BC Canada!
June 6 - June 30, 2015

"A new collection of paintings honours the season of gardens and gardeners. 
Painters from across the country have captured brilliant bouquets
 and wild flowers bringing a welcome riot of summer colour 
inside for this eclectic group show"
(preview the paintings here)
"Buds and Blossoms", 24 x 12, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Linny D. Vine paintings at Rouge Gallery in Saskatoon, SASK Canada!

Happy to announce that Linny D. Vine paintings 
are now available at Rouge Gallery, Saskatoon SASK Canada!
Visit this beautiful gallery and Linnyland when you're in Saskatoon!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Malahat Morning"

A few weekends ago the intent was to travel up island from Victoria, 
check out Grant & Nixie's show in Ladysmith, and afterwards 
find a spot for a bit of en plein air painting but sometimes 
intentions go in different directions and turn into adventures, 
Linnyland painting adventures...
Part way along the Malahat Drive is one of those 
"Scenic Lookout Viewpoints" that one thinks one must spot at "sometime". 
Well, sometime turned into that day. 
And, with the "Scenic Lookout Viewpoint" view, 
it became "the spot" for painting. 
So, (with the intent of staying clear of oncoming cars 
as well as not impeding the view of 
other Scenic Lookout Viewpoint lookers) over the fence 
went the easel, the paint bag and the painter. 
With back to the fence (as there wasn't much area to maneuver) 
it was up with the easel, squeeze out the paint, brush to canvas, 
and be amazed by the view AND 
at the amount of Scenic Lookout Viewpoint lookers 
who actually pull in to stop and have a look -- not just at the view 
but at the painter on the other side of the fence. 
Before very long there was that sort of the sensation 
of being a monkey behind the fence in the zoo
 with so many onlookers looking on!


"Malahat Morning", 11 x 14, oil on wood, ©Linny D. Vine

Friday, May 22, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Lighthouse Park"

"Lighthouse Park", oil on canvas, 24 x 12, ©Linny D. Vine

From early May's double brush/double Linny, 
"An Adventure in Linnyland" demo at Opus Victoria 
with a GREAT group of Linnyland "Adventure-ers":

Friday, May 8, 2015

"Camas Time"

From Earth Day's Linnyland painting adventure 
to High Rock Park, Esquimalt BC.
And, the native Camas Lilies 
were in full bloom for the celebration!
"Camas Time", oil on wood, 12 x 9, ©Linny D. Vine

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Mountain Adventure" SOLD

After a tour by the Tusk the Linnyland Volkswagen Van 
has just arrived in Whistler!
"Mountain Adventure", 36 x 36, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

HaPpY EARTH DAY from Linnyland!

HaPpY Earth Day from Linnyland!!


"Dream Trail", 48 x 36, acrylic on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine


"Amber Sky", 36 x 24, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine
(available through Hampton Gallery, Kamloops BC Canada)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Spring Afternoon - Saxe Point"

From Easter Sunday's Linnyland painting adventure
 at Saxe Point Park in Esquimalt BC.
While there I saw the huge Bald Eagle in it's nest 
and the minute Anna's Hummingbird in it's tiny nest.
"Spring Afternoon - Saxe Point"
oil on wood, 6 x 8, ©Linny D. Vine

Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Esther Bunny"

HaPpY Easter from Linnyland & Esther Bunny!
"Esther Bunny" 
10 x 10, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine

Saturday, April 4, 2015

HaPpY FULL Pink Moon!!!

HaPpY FULL Pink Moon! 
In Victoria BC's beautiful Chinatown the Cherry Tree blossoms 
are beginning to bloom 
the Linnyland cherry blossoms are in "FULL Pink" Bloom, too!
"Little Spot in Chinatown"
acrylic on canvas, 36 x 30, ©Linny D. Vine

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Johnny Depp Commissions Linny D. Vine painting!!!

Super BIG NEWS in Linnyland!!!

Jonny Depp commissions a painting by Linny D. Vine
 of his mother, Betty!!!

"Betty Bunny"
oil on canvas, 10 x 10, ©Linny D. Vine

Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Birds of Paradise"

From "a not too far from home"
 sunny and summer-like Linnyland painting adventure,

"Birds of Paradise", 
10 x 8, oil on wood, ©Linny D. Vine

(Normally, on Southern Vancouver Island, 
the Field Chamomile bloom from around May to August but 
on this late afternoon February paint the world looked and felt 
just like a summer evening.) 

And, for all of my eastern friends; 
on the island (at present) it's a rainy evening in paradise. 

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