Monday, 30 November 2009

November Light - Highrock Park

This one is from an earlier in November adventure to

Highrock Park in Esquimalt with fellow fella painter,

Jeffrey has claimed thatthere are easily 100 paintings

to be painted in this park and I'm in agreement

- so, that means 200, doesn't it?!

We painted at the park on one of the few November days

that had any sort late afternoon light...only 21 more days until

Winter Solstice and then the light starts it's return.


"November Light - Highrock Park"

oil on board

(plein air)

11 x 14


  1. These are more subdued colors but no less magical in affect. Beautiful!

  2. Love the spongy looking ground, could be a lovely comfy duvet.

  3. There must be some very interesting stories from this scene. Yes, something about a little girl hurrying home for dinner only to discover a wood nymph who provides guidance and safety in her travels....

    I especially like the strong light in the background!

  4. Thanks, Sheila, I love that "magical"!

  5. Thank-you, Melinda. I keep getting a distant and not too clear reminder of (maybe an image from a childhood book???) with the animals of the forest peaking out from tree trunks,all looking toward the light...where, perhaps, the wood nymph appears...

  6. You're right, Simon,during the summer these mossy rocks are perfect for cloud gazing!

  7. love the magic mood in this linny
    the light is coming thru nicely

  8. Thanks, Rob. Much appreciated coming from a light being such as yourself!


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