Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chinatown Pine SOLD

Sun Neen Fai Lok! /Happy New Year!
The year of the tiger starts today and Victoria's Chinatown
is decorated in preparation for the
new lunar year celebrations.
All along the streets there are large red lanterns
strung high above the cherry and pine trees.
The color red represents happiness and good luck
and the pine tree represents longevity and endurance.
Having a pine tree on your property
is said to bring good fortune,
(and, according to Linny lore, a painting of one will as well!)
"Chinatown Pine"
oil on canvas
20 x 10


  1. I am impressed Linny... I've only heard Gung Hey Fat Choy around these parts for Chinese New Year. I love these thin canvases. I need to try one.

  2. This is so charming Linny. The contrast of the organic shape against the graphic lines is wonderful mixed with your great sense of colour.

  3. This beautiful tree is dancing in celebration! I love it.

  4. Great job with the 2:1 aspect. I love the composition, especially how the bicycle grounds it, and balances it. Fun, Fun! -Don

  5. Hi Linny! I've passed along the Sunshine Blogger award to you that I received from Pat Burns. I rarely take the time to do these things, but it has been quite a while since I told my fellow artists how much joy & inspiration they bring me. Congrats, you can visit my site to retrieve it!

  6. Hi Linny
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I had a look at your work, and it is indeed full of atmosphere and magic. I love the "soft" dreamlike feel of your pictures, and how you have such a personal style. Edward Hopper meets Casson! I will add you to my blog roll, if that is ok with you.

  7. Hi Linny,
    It's my first time visiting your blog and I am completely blown away by your work! I will add Van Gogh to Catherine's keen observation.
    I'm also adding you to my blog. Wouldn't want to miss a thing!

  8. Happy New Year,

    I love this painting. The tree is so alive, and the design and colour are wonderful.

    Take care,


  9. Thank-you, sheila. As you've noticed I love this shape and refer to them as my "long and leaners."

  10. Thank-you, Sally, it's usually color that provides me with my first inspiration.

  11. Thank-you, Melinda, and I love the new photo!

  12. Thanks, Don! You're so right, balancing and bicycles are fun!

  13. Thank-you so much for everything, Diana!!!

  14. Hello Catherine. Thanks for coming to visit and thank-you very much for your very grand comments! (That's very kind of you to add me to your blog roll - thank-you!)

  15. Thank-you and I'm glad that you found your way here, Gwen! I appreciate your kindness!

  16. Thank-you, Barbara! This Sunday the Lion Dancers wind there way through Chinatown as part of the New Year celebrations. Happy year of the Tiger to you!

  17. hi linny,
    this is Dad. Kaye and April have gone online to show me your artwork, Very Nice!!! we hope to see you on summer...
    hi jeff....
    love ,
    P.S. hi linny,
    i'm asking dad to have a drive there this spring to visit,,,
    hope to see you....

  18. Hello Dad (and Kaye & April)!Thank-you for visiting me in blogland with your dear comments and thoughts. Love Linny


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