Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Summer Fields SOLD

I painted this little one a few whiles back,
it's from an evening paint on the way
home from an afternoon paint.
A magical evening next to
the freshly mowed hayfields.
"Summer Fields"
(plein air)
oil on wood panel
6 x 8
If you're in Oak Bay tomorrow night stop by
at The Gallery in the Oak Bay Village for the start of,

Local landmarks & other happy places
paintings by Linny D. Vine
18 August - 25 August
2223A Oak Bay Avenue


  1. Hi Linny,

    I sure wish I could be at your show. Wow I love your work, and this is gorgeous.


  2. This painting is thrilling as usual, I think it is the pure simplicity that leaves one breathless.

  3. Friendly, boulder-like clouds float with good intentions over a land brimming with the strength of completed growth--ready for celebration and rest--these things are evident in your masterful composition.

    Best wishes with your opening at The Gallery! I'll be there smiling in spirit.

  4. Thank-you, Barbara - I wish that you could have, too! Congratulations on your interview!

  5. Thank-you for your dear words, Marie!

  6. Thank-you, Melinda - I could feel your wonderful energy smiling and dancing about!

  7. I adore this piece! I saw it at your website. You are one of the few painters whose work gets me excited about landscapes. ♥

  8. Thank-you, Cynthia, yours is a wonderful comment to receive!

  9. Hi Linny,

    I love this little landscape of yours. A strong design and wonderful almost monochromatic palette. A lovely gift to yourself after painting all day! And thank you for your lively comment on my Siren. Your words always inspire me to dive deeper into color, design and woman stories! Marie

  10. Thank-you, Marie. It was a gift, that perfect evening and the scent of freshly cut hay. Dive, splash and swim on...with your paint brush...


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