Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cherry Tree and Red House SOLD

This painting is from my recent demonstration/mini workshop
with the wonderful and adventurous
Windsor Park Art Group.
The group joined me in a visit to Linnyland by
"putting their hands in the air like they didn't care",
(a Linnyism that involves an enthusiastic dive into
each new painting adventure combined with
a fearless surrender to the unknown of where
the painting experience may lead...)
We enjoyed fearlessness
and fun that showed in everyone's paintings!
"Cherry Tree and Red House"
acrylic on canvas
20 x 10


  1. Hi Linny!.... Glad that the workshop ran so well for "You"!

    The "being on centre stage" requirement does exact a lot of energy, quick decision-making and planning... but does elevate one's sense of courage and risk-taking doesn't it?

    This one surely bears all of the uusual Linny hallmarks: vibant colour and light... lithe and whimsical forms and very thoughtful... well-planned elements of composition! A golden beauty!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards... and Holiday Greetings Linny!

  2. A class with you must be such fun, Linny!The outcome of the demo is another terrific work of highly individualistic art!

  3. After seeing this painting, I hope to God that one day i see a blooming Cherry Tree up-close :)
    Love Linnyland and Linnyisms!

  4. I love this painting, Linny. It has the essence of all of the heartfelt, kind, and beautiful elements of Linnyland.

    How I wish we all could have a cup of tea in this home and discuss the fullness of the day.

    I especially enjoy how the fence posts are in harmony with the stripes in the porch awning.

  5. It looks to me like you dance while you paint. Is it true? You works tells me you're having too much fun!

  6. I bet you were a fun kid to play with, because it's always fun coming to your blog and seeing your new joyous paintings. Love the light spilling through it, and the 'character' of the house.

  7. Thanks Bruce, I'm glad to hear that you like this little long and leaner!

  8. Thank-you, Melinda. Yes, let's all have a cuppa and a coulple of Melinda cookies in the warmth of the red house!

  9. Hi and thank-you, Susan! "Too much fun" is there such a thing?! I do a funny little line dance...from in front of the painting I back up, close my left eye ( for a Linny look), up close again (and paint), back for another peek and put your left foot in and your left foot out...

  10. Thank-you, Prabha!
    (Come to Victoria in the months of April and May to experience the clouds of big pink blossoms on the cherry trees - they even have a scent!)

  11. Thank-you playful Sally! I'm glad that the personality of the house shows and you know I love red houses!

  12. Tout en beauté... tout en danse... Bisous

  13. I would love to take part in a Linny Dance. It sounds like a blast. And just look at the gorgeous work that comes from it! It's blazing hot!


  14. Thank-you for your generous comment, Simon!

  15. Thank-you, Don! (I suppose it's a bit of a hokey-pokey-Linny-hop...and, that's what it's all about!)

  16. Hi Linny,

    A super painting, and I like the sound of that exercise. It's like the Mike Dooley whoop exercise that really cheers a group up fast! You put your hands in the air for that one, and imagine excellent news. I used to imagine getting on Oprah. Funny thing. Amazing art, and love your philosophy of life.


  17. Thank-you for all of your great comments, Barbara. I like your exercise and the excellent news idea. (I think that I just discovered that I have a house with a beautiful studio and its right on the edge of a gorgeouslake that is ideal for swimming in.)

  18. just discovered this. I LOVE your style. you're the second painter from canada to remind me of a surf artist I really like too: Matt Beard.
    Anyway, real nice stuff, definitely a blog I'll follow now!

  19. Welcome and thank-you Olivier! Now I'm off to Ireland to visit your blog...


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