Monday, 12 December 2011

"Long Ago" SOLD

The Turner's building is one of my favourites
 of Victoria's older character buildings and,
although it appears every now and then in Linnyland, 
this is it's tallest incarnation so far.
Turner's, a la long and leaner painting, is from a recent
demo/mini workshop that I gave with the fun loving
 Oak Bay Art Club.
"Long Ago"
oil on canvas
24 x 12
Private Collection
Fairfield BC Canada


  1. Oh ma chère Linny, une peinture que je trouve encore ravissante... La présence de cette jeune femme debout avec son chien en laisse, longiligne et droite semblable aux panneaux de signalisation apporte un charme fou à cette tour...
    Gros bisous

  2. Good Morning Linny!... Always a pleasant surprise to view newly arrived works from your easel!

    This one clearly demonstrates your willingness to push the envelope... your usually vivid brushwork and colour strung out vertically... not unlike strings of lights on a Christmas tree... playing the viewer's eye upwardly... and all over the surface of this unusually tall and constricted format!

    Even your waiting poodle...."rises" to the occasion! HA HA!! Another enchanting glimpse... into Linnyland!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards!... and A "Jolly Holly" from The Paint Box Gallery Folk!

  3. I love this! You are so good with differentiating warm and cool hues while still making a piece feel cohesive. Also, the quality of caricature in your work is excellent.

  4. You really do have a fabulous perspective and sense of color and light. This painting from Linnyland is spectacular!

    Hope you're having a good end of year celebration and that you and yours will have many plans for future fun.

  5. Thank-you for your lovely, TALL comment, Bruce! Happy, Happy and merry, merry to you and yours!!

  6. Thank-you, Magical Melinda! (Thank-you, too, for your wishes and I send wishes to you and yours for a happy mix of peace and merriment!)


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