Monday, 17 December 2012

New Moon & Lighthouse

Only four more days
 until Winter Solstice...and then the return
 of the LIGHT!
(According to Linny-Lore,
 it's tradition to celebrate Winter Solstice
in this way: write a list of what 
you'd like to leave behind along with the darkness, 
then write another list of what you'd like to welcome into
your life along with the return of the light.)
And speaking of light, here is the Brockton Point Lighthouse,
 in Stanley Park,  in Vancouver BC, 
"New Moon & Lighthouse"
oil on canvas
20 x 10


  1. Il me tarde de retourner à la lumière... Heureusement que celle de vos jolis phares illumine mon regard...

    « …Soyons plein de gratitude et de reconnaissance pour cette vie qui nous est offerte et qui nous montre qu’il est toujours possible de garder le sourire pour traverser les épreuves, de faire de sa vie un bel écrin d’amour… Que Noël soit chargé de sens et de douceur… »
    Avec de gros bisous,

    Martine Alison

  2. I love your interpretation of this landmark, and the birds havin' a chin wag at the base of the rocks is a chuckle! Love those Linnyland skies.

  3. whoops i think i 'followed' twice by mistake. sorry.

  4. Lovely post, Linny. I like the tradition and wish you much light and joy ahead.

    This is a spectacular painting. I absolutely love that sky. Stunning.

    Best wishes for a peaceful, happy 2013 for you and yours!

    Warm hugs from the desert!

  5. Merci, Martine Alison! Joyeux Noel!

  6. Thank-you, for your great comments, Sally!

  7. Thank-you, Melinda! Wishing you a magical holiday and new year!! Happy to read that you have a new pupper - a few posts ago I offered name suggestions... (I've had great difficulty entering your blog site for while now and I read last night that you are off on a new path. Although your beautiful words and creations will be missed I'm very happy for you! Please do stay in touch...can't access your blog at all as of now, Melinda...)

  8. Thank you, Linny!

    I did make my blog private, but added you and a few others access, but the instructions said that a visitor would have to sign in to their google account. I'll be checking with blogger to see if I set it up right.

    Thank you for letting me know.

    Oh, yeah, we decided on Zorro! You know, he's the alter ego of Diego (even though I originally named Diego after muralist, Rivera). But, they are both called "puppers" most of the time. :)


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