Wednesday 1 January 2014

HAPPY Two - OH - One - Four, "The year of GOOD things GALORE"!

Happy Two - OH - One Four, "The year of GOOD things GALORE"!
 Adam Sawatsky, Victoria's much loved & respected media personality
(Monday Magazine, CTV News and CFAX Broadcasting),
asked me to offer one piece of advise for 
those who would like to resolve to be more creative in 2014. 
So I responded,
“Put your hands in the air, like you don’t care!” 
With your hands in the air, wiggle them and the rest of yourself 
all about, like a carefree child. This movement
 awakens playful, experimental energy and,
 with hands in the air, the posture says; dive in,
 create, explore, see what happens next,
 allow your creation to develop the way that it wants,
 go wherever it takes you. 
Whether painting in my studio
 or out of doors (en plein air) this “technique”
 gives me the freedom to enjoy wherever
 the creative process takes me. 
And, it takes me to Linnyland, and many other wonderful places!"

Happy wiggles from Linnyland!!


  1. Happy New Year Linny. I used to teach this technique at school. Mike Dooley of calls it the whoop exercise. It is so helpful in making people feel happy and ready to create. Have a lovely time in Linnyland, and thank you for taking us there in 2013. XOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. Thank-you, Linda...wishing you a wiggle-wonderful 2014!!

  3. Thank-you, Barbara!! Who knew that "the Linnyland put your hands in the air like you don't care wiggle" has another name...Whoop, Whoop, Wahoo and Happy 2012 to you!!


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