Monday, 23 March 2009


On Friday I went out for a paint with
the Al Frescos to
Frank Mitchel's farm in Metchosin.
Shortly after I began to paint the
rain started so I moved
underneath the eave of the red shed
to continue.
I couldn't see the sheep
or their lambs from my new position
but, as I continued to paint, I could hear them
ba-a-a-ing from the other side of the wall.
(I titled this painting
with Rose and Jeffrey in mind,
they've both been suffering from
sleeplessness lately.
I wish you both long, deep sleeps and wonderfully wild dreams !)
oil on board
14 x 11


  1. Again this one made me laugh out loud, very nice.

  2. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for visiting and I'm happy to hear of your response to the painting!


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