Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tourmaline Morning - Trial Island SOLD

This little painting of the Trial Island Lighthouse
is one that I started last spring on an outdoor
adventure with the Al Fresco non-group.
Finally, this week, I added a bit more
paint to it.
(I remember that it was the morning of Good Friday
and there were Easter eggs on the ground
all around us as we set up on Anderson Hill.
While we painted a swarm of children
appeared and then disappeared along with the eggs.)
"Tourmaline Morning"
oil on canvas
9 x 12


  1. This is lovely. The light, the warm glow and the beauty of the distant mountains gives this work a sense of peace and comfort.

    It is nice too that you've included a good story about your visit there.

    Looks like you had no problem with step #3.

  2. Hi Melinda,

    Thank-you for coming to visit and leaving such wonderful comments. (I'm glad to hear that I'm not out of step - even though I haven't discovered the meaning of step #3?)

  3. Congratulations on the "hold over"! Your work is so wonderful.

    When you commented about discovering the meaning of step #3 on my blog, I thought you were writing that you, too, experience getting frustrated with a painting mid-work.

    Then, viewing your joyful work here, I concluded that you are able to skip past step #3 and proceed straight for the happy completion of your paintings.

    Looking forward to more!

  4. Thank-you Melinda and happy skipping to you, too!


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