Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wait Watchers SOLD

This one is from one of my recent demos;
'Victoria artist Linny D. Vine will

be demonstrating the steps that she takes

in creating a "Linnyland landscape"...

She will show how she combines colour, composition,

light, and imagination to create her paintings.

Linny's distinctive painting style

colours her urban and landscape scenes

with a magical mix of joy and light.

Whether painting in studio or en plein air,

Linny skillfully combines spirit of place

with her uniquely expressive brushwork

to create paintings of happiness.

You can view her work at'


Thank-you to everyone who joined me

on an adventure in Linnyland!


(The store is the Birdcage Confectionary in James Bay.)


"Wait Watchers"

acrylic on canvas

24 x 12


to collectors in Mississauga ON


  1. You have a wonderful and distinctive style. I'm happy to be introduced to your work and look forward to your next posts

  2. I would love to be able to watch you paint sometime, but you're a little off my trodden path... Maybe you could set up a video cam and put it on youtube. :-) Magical, indeed!


  3. Thans for visiting and leaving such a kind comment, Mary!

  4. Thank-you, Don! Perhaps your trodden path might widen and in the mean whiles I'll ponder your suggestion...

  5. Ah. It is so calming to see such joy in paint. I love the trio of watchers. Hope I didn't miss any!

    I would love to wait with them any day.
    Fabulous work, Linny.

  6. Any day sounds like the perfect day - thank-you, Melinda!

  7. Fun, whimsical, and colorful. I love it!


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