Saturday, 30 June 2012

Big Sky - Burgoyne Bay

This is another one from a recent Salt Spring Island
 Linnyland painting adventure.
From my Burgoyne Bay/Linnyland hayfield perspective the sky
 appeared to be framed by Mount Maxwell on one side
 and Mount Sulivan on the other and 
 what I really wanted to do was lay on my back and paint
 the amazing sky. Or I did, until the rain started to POUR down and easel, painting, pallet, brushes, backpack and painter performed an awkward but fast waltz for cover within good old Vinny Van Go.
"Big Sky - Burgoyne Bay"
oil on wood
11 x 14


  1. Good Morning Linny!... A belated Happy Canada Day to a painter who has added a thirteenth Province to this beautiful place we live in..."Linnyland"!

    Despite your weather problems... this one continues to provide that wonderful golden warmth and freedom of brushwork... that would make Vincent smile... as I do!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. So adorable. Vinny van Go. Love the painting. I've just been on a country drive oohing and Ohing.

    So lovely and you capture your world so perfectly, so here I am oohing and ohing at your incredible work. Thanks for this.

    XO Barbara

  3. Bruce, I love your comment - "Linnyland", the 13th province! Thank-you for all!!

  4. Thank-you, Barbara .... a country drive sounds like fun...


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