Saturday, 13 December 2014

"Robert Amos, Victoria art writer, includes Linny D. Vine painting on Christmas Wish List!"

Tickled to be on the "Christmas Wish List "
of Victoria Art Writer, Robert Amos!
--from "Art Tips: Tips for putting art under the tree"--
Dec 6, 2014 Times Colonist, Victoria BC Canada:

..."West End Gallery made it hard to choose 
(1203 Broad St,. 250-388-0009, 
I love their more whimsical work 
Paul Chester's extruded townscapes, Linny D. Vine's
wonky local scenes in high-key colour, 
and Grant Leier's homilies set in a garnish
 of liberated graphic design. 
There was just one joyous canvas
 of flowers by Claude A. Simard of Quebec. 
Simard has gone to the big studio in the sky."...

"Snowy Delight"
oil on canvas
36 x 18

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