Monday, 29 December 2014

"The Christmas Day Miracle Walk 2014"

As you may recall, one of our holiday traditions 
 is the "Christmas Day Miracle Walk".
While the festive meal cooks we enjoy a walk
 where we look for Christmas miracles and most often
 discover them in nature.
For this year's CDMW the weather was sunny and 
unseasonably warm - miracle number one!
As we wander the shoreline of Saxe Point Park 
we spy a trio of otters just off shore. 
One of the otters swims towards us and comes ashore 
with a large crab in it's mouth.
While the onshore otter feasts the other two otters 
swim around the point and out of sight.

Once the meal is finished the single otter returns 
to the sea and starts to search and call for the other two. 
Before long the otter calls sound more distressed 
and still the other two otters are no where in sight. 
The single otter swims back and forth along the shoreline,
it's calls louder and louder. 

Finally the two missing otters reappear from around the point, 
the single otter spies them and calls once more, 
the three enjoy a playful reunion before they swim away.

Another Christmas, another magical CDMW!

Hope yours was magical, too!

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