Wednesday, 19 August 2015

"Special Spot"

This year's Linnyland painting from the
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria TD Art Gallery Paint-In 2015. 
And, remember for each year that 
I've been invited to create and demonstrate 
at this wonderful event I've painted a location from 
somewhere along Moss Street (Victoria BC Canada) 
-- although if you rather, 
this painting can be of anywhere that you 
imagine it to be.
This is the 10th Moss Street Linnyland painting!

“Special Spot (on Moss)", 36 x 18, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Blue Moon Week in Linnyland included; 
studio time (stay tuned...), 
a wee Linnyland painting adventure where, 
as I zoomed in on an old ship 
(that rumour has, will be sunk to create a diving reef), 
the many "lookers" who wandered by included 
the trio of Lorenzo the dog, Blue Eyed Daughter 
and her Blue Eyed Father
 (who was a Robert Genn doppelganger if I ever saw one 
-- although I have no idea of Robert Genn's eye color) 
and who shared samplings of their freshly 
picked (dark blue) blackberries, a swimming adventure 
in the blue-green waters of Secret Lake with Otters, 
blue Dragonflies and a blue-grey Kingfisher, 
the scent of Sweet Grass, 
blue skies of swooping Swallows, 
a meadow of Queen Anne's Lace, 
more blue skies this time full of Turkey Vultures, 
and another swim under a blue sky in the blue-green waters 
of Not A Secret Lake
 and last night's orange Blue Moon!
"Reefer", 5 x 7, oil on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine

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