Friday 24 December 2010

Winter Memory SOLD

Wishing you peace,
love, light and joy
for the holidays and
throughout the new year.
"Winter Memory"
oil on canvas
20 x 10

Tuesday 21 December 2010

"Little, Little Lighthouse" (Race Rocks Lighthouse) SOLD

In honor of the winter solstice
here's a little light for everyone.
Happy Winter Solstice!
As of today we, in the northern hemisphere,
begin to experience an increasing amount of
daylight in every day.
According to Linny lore, the Winter solstice
is a day to release whatever
you'd like into the dark days of the past
and welcome whatever you'd like in to your life
along with the return of the light.
(I can see the Race Rocks Light from my studio window,
so, with a pair of binoculars and some Linnyland imaginings,
I welcomed this little painting into being.)
"Little, Little Lighthouse"
(Race Rocks Lighthouse)
oil on canvas
12 x 6

Friday 17 December 2010

River Rocks - Sooke

This is another Linnyland tale of dark and light...
I painted this one way back in
late October, (it seems to me like way, way back).
Fellow , fellow artist, Jeffrey J. Boron and I went out
to the Sooke Potholes for a painting adventure.
It was a decent day with a sky full of promises.
While we did our exploring the sky
continued to promise even more light.
After a warm and very sunny picnic lunch we set up to paint.
All was well at the start but about 10 minutes into painting
the clouds came in and it was so dark that
there were bats flying
back and forth and all around.
I really like bats so
I concentrated on the shapes that I
could still make out, (the rock shapes not the bat shapes),
and continued on with an "afternoon nocturnal paint".
And, amazingly, (as you know how it sometimes goes),
the sun didn't reappear once we were done.
"River Rocks - Sooke"
oil on wood panel
10 x 8

Saturday 11 December 2010

Cherry Tree and Red House SOLD

This painting is from my recent demonstration/mini workshop
with the wonderful and adventurous
Windsor Park Art Group.
The group joined me in a visit to Linnyland by
"putting their hands in the air like they didn't care",
(a Linnyism that involves an enthusiastic dive into
each new painting adventure combined with
a fearless surrender to the unknown of where
the painting experience may lead...)
We enjoyed fearlessness
and fun that showed in everyone's paintings!
"Cherry Tree and Red House"
acrylic on canvas
20 x 10

Sunday 5 December 2010

Little, Little Light (Fisgard Lighthouse) STOLEN

This is a tale of dark and light from Linnyland.
I was going to wait and post
this little, little Linnyland lighthouse painting
to celebrate Winter Solstice.
Winter Solstice is the day of the year
just before we, in the northern hemisphere,
begin our return towards the light and, little by little,
we begin to experience longer days of daylight.
Unfortunately, "Little, Little Light"
has vanished into the dark,
the victim of a little, little art heist.
On Friday I delivered "Little, Little Light",
along with other small paintings, to my Victoria art galleries,
(in time for December's season of the small painting).
Sadly, over the weekend, a grinch took
"Little Little Light" from the wall of one of the galleries.
"Little, Little Light" stands 12 inches high and 6 inches wide
and was last seen wearing a black wooden floater frame.
If you have any information regarding
"Little Little Light" and/or it's whereabouts
please contact me, the gallery, or the Victoria police.
Please help return "Little Little Light" from the dark to the light.
Help me to spread the news...
Make it right, return "Little, Little Light!"
"Little Little Light" (Fisgard Lighthouse)
oil on canvas
12 x 6
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