Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summer Solstice Hay Field

This one is from a Linnyland out in the fields adventure
on the evening of the summer solstice.
I painted beneath the swooping Swallows,
the chattering Cowbirds and in front
of the Sheep who all offered me the same
unflattering commentary.
"Summer Solstice Hay Field"
oil on wood panel
6 x 8

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cadboro Bay Castle SOLD

"Cadboro Bay Castle" went home to hang in "the castle" today.
The castle is the happy home of Nala, Sage, Landon and Shana
as well as their puppers, Copper and Raven.
This painting was commissioned as a Mother's Day gift
and was a total joy to create right from the start,
meeting the family at the gallery during
my recent "a little, little, Linny Show",
to the finish with Shana's,
"Cadboro Bay Castle"
oil on canvas
20 x 16

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rufus Goes to the Beach

This one is from the afternoon of my recent painting adventure
to Witty's Lagoon Beach. Although dogs and their humans
were out enjoying the warm day at the beach
these three are (relatively) straight out of Linnyland.
Sometime during this painting there was a deep voiced fellow
that felt the need to call out his dog's name quite often.
Could it be that "Rufus" was having too much fun?
Is there any such thing as too much fun?!!
"Rufus Goes to the Beach"
oil on wood panel
8 x 10

Sunday, 5 June 2011

"Little Bad Boy Lighthouse" SOLD

From a recent sunny morning
Linnyland painting adventure at Witty's Lagoon.
I decided to paint the snow capped Olympic Mountains
with the Race Rocks lighthouse in front.
The lighthouse was too far away for me to see any of it's features
but I thought, "No problem, I've painted it before
and I can do it from memory". (Ha ha.)
When I finished painting I could see that something wasn't
quite right with the lighthouse tower.
It wasn't until I was back in my studio, and I had looked
through the binoculars at the Race Rocks Lighthouse,
that I realized I'd given the tower an extra white stripe.
Ah...that's why the little lighthouse
sports the "convict in striped pajamas look"!
So...after some concern and careful consideration
I've come to understand that the little lighthouse
hasn't done anything too seriously
bad or wrong - really, the only crime (if one can call it a crime) 
that he committed
was that he wanted to be a little bit different -
and that might explain the reason that he stands out
from the crowd the way that he does.
"Little Bad Boy Lighthouse"
oil on wood panel
8 x 6
Private Collection
Metchosin BC Canada
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