Friday, 25 November 2011

Golden Sky -Tonquin Beach SOLD

Here's the third painting from my recent 
Tofino Linnyland painting adventure
It was a "sweet" day - without wind!
"Golden Sky - Tonquin Beach"
10 x 8 on wood panel ©Linny D. Vine
Private Collection
Kelowna BC Canada

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Little Lennard Light SOLD

Haiku Ode to Lennard:
Early, not yet bright
on Chesterman Beach painting
Lennard Island light.
The sunrise for the second paint of my recent Tofino 
Linnyland painting adventure was spectacular - and without wind! 
I wasn't aware that I'd set up to paint beside an entrance 
to the beach until the first group
 of early morning surfers arrived behind me and
excitedly exclaimed , "SWEET!!!".
I was focused on my painting 
so I thought that they were, too.
My toque was getting a bit tight 
before I twigged that the surfers were (of course!) 
referring to the great wave conditions. 
Hat fitting more appropriately, I continued painting.
Soon after, a couple of the freshly suited up surfers offered,
 "Like your depiction of Lennard Light", 
as they ran past me towards
 their sweet waves.
"Little Lennard Light", 12x9, oil on cradled wood, ©Linny D Vine
Private Collection Oak Bay BC Canada

Monday, 21 November 2011

Long Beach Lookout

This is the first of three paintings from a recent Linnyland painting adventure to the Tofino area. The drive from Victoria,
(approximately 5 hours), was grey and rainy, yet once at Long Beach the wind was busy clearing the clouds from the sky.
After a little beach exploration I noted a pleasing composition
and I was inspired to paint. The sun was shining as I set up
 to paint from my "perfect view" of the "pleasing composition".
 But, just as I started, a strong gust of wind caught my easel and sent it flying. Not to be deterred, I gathered up the easel, etcetera, performed a little sand removal, moved everything to a more sheltered location, and only a little further removed (physically and mentally) from the "perfect view" of the "pleasing composition" I ,again, started to paint.
Suddenly, the trickster wind changed it's direction and before I could do anything about it I was back to sand removal. This time I kept going with removal; removing easel, me, etcetera from the sandy beach
 to a well sheltered spot in the parking lot. 
From my protected spot with a much less than"perfect view" of the somewhat less "pleasing composition" I continued on with a down and gritty West Coast Linnyland painting adventure!
"Long Beach Lookout" - ("LOOK OUT!)
 oil and sand on wood panel
10 x 8

Saturday, 12 November 2011

West Coast Classic SOLD

"West Coast Classic" just sailed off
to a Linnyland collector in Invermere, BC.
"West Coast Classic"
acrylic on canvas
24 x 12

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Afternoon Visit - Gabriola Island

On a sunny day in October I enjoyed my first,
 (slightly shorter than planned), Linnyland painting adventure
to beautiful Gabriola Island.
Unfortunately, I was five minutes too late
 for my intended ferry which meant that I could either explore the whole island and not paint (hah!) or see half of the island and paint.
So, on another sunny day, I'll visit the other half
 of the "friendly islanders' island" and when I do
I'll be certain to start my adventure a wee bit earlier. 
"Afternoon Visit - Gabriola Island"
oil on wood panel
8 x 10

Monday, 7 November 2011

From "cover girl' to "centrefold"

First"cover girl" in the everywhere WHERE...

...and now "centerfold" in the gorgeous and oh so plushy ARABELLA...

Life is good in Linnyland!!
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