Monday, 21 November 2011

Long Beach Lookout

This is the first of three paintings from a recent Linnyland painting adventure to the Tofino area. The drive from Victoria,
(approximately 5 hours), was grey and rainy, yet once at Long Beach the wind was busy clearing the clouds from the sky.
After a little beach exploration I noted a pleasing composition
and I was inspired to paint. The sun was shining as I set up
 to paint from my "perfect view" of the "pleasing composition".
 But, just as I started, a strong gust of wind caught my easel and sent it flying. Not to be deterred, I gathered up the easel, etcetera, performed a little sand removal, moved everything to a more sheltered location, and only a little further removed (physically and mentally) from the "perfect view" of the "pleasing composition" I ,again, started to paint.
Suddenly, the trickster wind changed it's direction and before I could do anything about it I was back to sand removal. This time I kept going with removal; removing easel, me, etcetera from the sandy beach
 to a well sheltered spot in the parking lot. 
From my protected spot with a much less than"perfect view" of the somewhat less "pleasing composition" I continued on with a down and gritty West Coast Linnyland painting adventure!
"Long Beach Lookout" - ("LOOK OUT!)
 oil and sand on wood panel
10 x 8


  1. Hello there Linny!.... What a great chuckle I had in reading this post! First of all... the painting has an ominous... guarded feel with its intent to drag your eye out of the foreground cover onto the beach... matching your search for cover fom that naughty... "West Wind"!

    Secondly ... your words helped me recall my only experience at visiting Tofino and Long Beach. Wind... n' surf... and ....COLD water!!Thank you for that!

    And last but not least... it brought back memories of being blown away myself ... more than once on the same day and fetching facedown canvases from the sand or gravel..HA HA!!! Brings a whole new meaning to the title "True Grit".... EH Linny! Hilarious!.... BUt I enjoyed your "play-by-play" as much as the painting!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. You Linny,

    Have true grit. The results are wonderful. Your story reminded me of both times I went plein air painting with my friend Flora Doehler. I now understand why one of my artist friends paints in her car.

    Beautiful painting.

    XO Barbara

  3. ha ha ha! You make me laugh Linny reading this post. So good of you to perservere! THe painting is sweet, and calming despite your ordeal!

  4. This is such a fantastic story, even if the day was challenging for you. You had me laughing out loud.

    It's a beautiful painting and Linnyland is a strong and wonderful place. I love those three clouds!

  5. Thanks, Bruce - it was either laugh or cry! Glad to hear that you've been there, too!

  6. Thank-you, Barbara! Thankfully the rest of the Tofino painting adventure was wind free - or I may have been doing the Linny in "Vinnie (the) Van Go" paint just like your friend!

  7. Thank-you, Sally! "The calm" in the painting must have come from me chanting "serenity now, serenity NOW!!"

  8. Thank-you for the cloud praise, Melinda - I consider it "high" praise coming from the Queen of Clouds!


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