Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Afternoon Visit - Gabriola Island

On a sunny day in October I enjoyed my first,
 (slightly shorter than planned), Linnyland painting adventure
to beautiful Gabriola Island.
Unfortunately, I was five minutes too late
 for my intended ferry which meant that I could either explore the whole island and not paint (hah!) or see half of the island and paint.
So, on another sunny day, I'll visit the other half
 of the "friendly islanders' island" and when I do
I'll be certain to start my adventure a wee bit earlier. 
"Afternoon Visit - Gabriola Island"
oil on wood panel
8 x 10


  1. Nice painting. I really love the boat as a strong story element in this image. I also like how you handled the sky.

  2. I'm glad you chose painting! This is lovely. As always, I enjoy that luscious sky carved out and texturized with beautiful clouds.

    Looking forward to more!

  3. Yes good decision. I love the colour in this, the combination of colour, the design, and as always the joy. Thanks Linny,

    XO Barbara

  4. Thank-you, Tim! (The boat...arriving for a visit or leaving after a visit?)

  5. Thank-you, Melinda - I'm really curious as to what a missed on the other side!

  6. Thank-you, Barbara - I hope that your show is going extremely well, (I'm certain that it is!)

  7. Hello - I was looking for a painting that was used for a Penguin edition of Malcom Lowry's novel 'October Ferry to Gabriola', and found your lovely painting. I really like all your work - I'll be coming back to look at more of it!

    Roger (from Ottawa)

  8. Welcome to Linnyland and thank-you, Roger!


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