Thursday, 31 December 2009

High on Highrock

This one is from my last plein air adventure of 2009.
Last Sunday fellow fellow painter, Jeffrey J. Boron,
and I enjoyed a sunny seven degrees Celsius
couple of hours at Highrock Park in Esquimalt.
Jeffrey had an idea in mind and set up to paint right away
and I wandered around and about...
and around and about some more... and then even more
before finally deciding on the
mossy rocks and Garry oak trees.
I love the freedom that comes from
not having a preconceived idea of how a painting
will turn out, as with this little one,
and that had me thinking about
freedom and now I'm thinking and feeling
that 2010 is the year of FREEDOM.
And, being creative folk, we are free to create
what we want in our lives for this year,
(even if that means the freedom of not having a preconceived
idea of how it will all turn out...)

Wishing you all the freedom that you desire in 2010!
High on Highrock
(plein air)
oil on board
10 x 8

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Snow Clouds - Saxe Point Park SOLD

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!
This snowy painting of Saxe Point Park is from a
past winter when we in Victoria
had lots of snow. I remember walking to the park
and taking photos along the way but,
just after I had taken shots of this scene,
I had a tumble and filled my camera with snow.
I was upset because that meant the end of photographing the,
(not common at all in Victoria), snowy day.
That was until I noticed a family of otters
under one of the houses on the point
across from the park,
(the one to the left of the trees in the painting).
The otters were all playing;
sliding from under the house, down
into the ocean and then scrambling over each other
while racing back up to do it all over again -
and thankfully, they were too far away
for me to even consider trying to photograph them.
(The traditional Christmas Saxe Point Park
stroll yesterday was sunny
and warm - Anna's hummingbirds, one bald eagle but no otters.)
"Snow Clouds"
acrylic on canvas
12 x 12

Monday, 21 December 2009

Little Light SOLD

Happy Solstice Everyone!
The first time that I painted
the Fisgard Lighthouse it was on location
and it was a cold but sunny wintery morning.
Since then I've painted a few more "Fisgards" on
different shapes and sizes of canvas, and oddly,
I've painted them all in the
months of December.
Each time that I paint the lighthouse it
ends up being balanced on a slightly higher rock
and the last two have had fences as safe boundaries as well.
I'm sure that by this time in December we can all relate to the
lighthouse and are feeling the need to rise high above it all with
our boundaries in tact. So, on Winter Solstice today,
as you celebrate the return of the light
may you all have a little time to yourself to
find your balance and enjoy the light
- high above it all.
Wishing you joy & light!
"Little Light"
oil on canvas
20 x 10

Monday, 14 December 2009

Down the Road

This one is from my most recent outdoor painting adventure
(late November) to Kinsmen Park in Esquimalt.
The day was gorgeous; a sunny and warm memory.
We've had snow in Victoria today.
"Down the Road"
oil on board
12 x 9

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Moon Jumpers SOLD

This painting came about after an October plein air
adventure to the Cowichan Valley.
While I painted I was aware that the cows
were continually wandering over to check on my progress.
When I finished painting I snapped a few photos of
the curious cows for a studio painting.
The painting, "Moon Jumpers", now belongs to Shelley:
Shelley fell in love with this painting and
told her dear friend, Linda,
who arranged to have all of Shelley's friends
contribute to the painting for
Shelley on her special birthday.
"Moon Jumpers"
acrylic on canvas
16 x 20

Posing or just watching?

Friday, 4 December 2009

Saturna Evening

And, here is the second little Saturna Island
painting of East Point Park with the
kingfisher calling out that it's
a magical evening in May.
"Saturna Evening"
oil on 1 1/4" canvas
6 x 6
(This posting was painted on a red ground.)
Contact Legacy Gallery for more information.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Spring Evening - East Point Park SOLD

After my instant sell out
at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria's
I decided to paint two more smallish paintings.
(These are slightly larger than the work
that I had in the AGGV Small Works Show.)
Both paintings are from a visit to
East Point Park on Saturna Island
where I have memories of a kingfisher
flying back and forth along the beach
on that warm May evening.
"Spring Evening - East Point Park"
(Saturna Island)
oil on 1 1/4" canvas
6 x 6
(This posting's painting is painted on a burnt sienna ground.)
For information contact She Said Gallery.

Monday, 30 November 2009

November Light - Highrock Park

This one is from an earlier in November adventure to

Highrock Park in Esquimalt with fellow fella painter,

Jeffrey has claimed thatthere are easily 100 paintings

to be painted in this park and I'm in agreement

- so, that means 200, doesn't it?!

We painted at the park on one of the few November days

that had any sort late afternoon light...only 21 more days until

Winter Solstice and then the light starts it's return.


"November Light - Highrock Park"

oil on board

(plein air)

11 x 14

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Quonley's Corner SOLD

You may remember that in September
I painted the Quonley's store
as part of a Victoria plein air event and
this studio painting is of the same Chinatown landmark.
Quonley's is located on the corner of Fisgard
and Government Streets, in between
the Gate of Harmonious Interest and
the Silk Road Tea Company.
Often, as I paint, the figures in the painting will start
to develop personalities or
they begin to remind me of someone,
other times they will go through a few identities
as I'm developing the painting.
This time the elderly women rounding the corner
is on her way home with fresh produce
after her daily shopping trip.
The figure that has entered the interior of Quonley's
reminds me of another local artist, Robert Amos.
I didn't get to know the fellow over to the left
very well but I think that he's a young
guy who was passing through Chinatown
on his way to the coffee shop next to the skateboard store.
Quonley's Corner
acrylic on canvas
36 x 30

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Autumn Path - Uplands Park

This little one is from a recent
autumn jaunt to Oak Bay's Uplands Park.
It was on a dear friend's birthday that we made
a first trip to this park and,
because it was a fairly dark, dank afternoon,
we didn't get any further than this spot on the path.
I set up to paint and thought
how the mystery of what lies around the bend of this path
is similar to my friend on his birthday
wondering what's around the
corner for his new year...
may it be overflowing with of all of your heart's desires!
"Autumn Path - Uplands Park"
10 x 8
oil on wood panel

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Linny at Large at Mercurio Gallery Reception

Linny is at Large...
at Mercurio Gallery's Linny at Large reception...

and so, too, are...

many, wonderful...

and patrons...
Thank-you all for coming
to enjoy an evening
of warmth at
and that's not all...
Linny at Large at Mercurio Gallery
has been extended through November!!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Evening Magic SOLD

Tonight is the Linny at Large

at Mercurio Gallery reception

from 5 - 8 pm....

Come, enjoy an evening among the warmth

of my plein air and studio work...

join in the evening magic...


"Evening Magic"

acrylic on canvas

40 x 30


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Life on the Edge

is of a property
near Saxe Point Park
and just down the street from
my home/studio. The house in the painting
sits just above the giant firs, which grow right above
the curved boulders that slope straight up from the edge of the ocean.
acrylic on canvas
36 x 30

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


LINNY at LARGE opens today
at the Mercurio Gallery!
602 Courtney Street
"Bigger! Better! More generous!
In November, Mercurio will be showing some of
Linny D. Vine's new larger paintings as part of this exhibition.
As usual, she has traversed the region in search
of subjects for her brush.
These works brim with optimism and joy,
as well as beautifully observed details of both
the natural and urban landscapes, and
a rich and skillfully managed palette.
Come, enjoy."

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Under a Pumpkin Sky SOLD

September in Victoria was all golden skies while
October's morning and evening skies
have been shades of orange.
This painting is from a plein air adventure
on one of October's orange skied mornings.
I set up along the Lochside trail
near the pumpkin fields of Michell's farm in Saanich
and painted looking up toward the Michell farm house.
This one is all about happiness!
Happy Pumpkin Skies and Happy Halloweening, too!
And happy almost LINNY at LARGE showtime
at the Mercurio Gallery ...
the show opens on Tuesday the 3rd of November!
9 x 12
(plein air)
oil on wood panel

Monday, 26 October 2009

Autumn Oaks - Highrock Park SOLD

I've been busy with preparations
for my November solo show,
but on Saturday morning it was so sunny
and warm that I snuck out for a
plein air adventure to one of
the parks in my neighbourhood.
The sky clouded over while I was painting
but the temperature stayed warm
and as the clouds moved in I became more and more fond
of the combination of green moss, golden Garry oak leaves,
and all of the different blues and greys
of the rocks, mountains and sky.
Some of the large rock formations at Highrock Park
look as though they are sculptures that have been
carefully placed and arranged
to accentuate the views of
the Strait of Juan de Fuca and
the Olympic Mountains,
(and maybe they have!)
oil on wood panel
(plein air)
12 x 9

Friday, 23 October 2009

Across the Lagoon to Hatley Castle

This quick little sketch
is from a few weeks ago when the colors
of autumn were at their most brilliant and the
Mute swans were of a mood
to pose for me.
I set up on the breezy ocean side of
the road that runs along between
the Pacific ocean and the Esquimalt Lagoon.
The red front wall
of the historic Dunsmuir family castle is a cover
of Virginia Creeper vine.
To the left of the estate, are
colorful maple trees from the
beautifully aged Japanese strolling garden which,
in my opinion, is the jewel of
the Hatley Castle estate.
oil on wood panel
(plein air)
8 x 10

Friday, 16 October 2009

Golden Days SOLD

When I first experienced the colorful city of Victoria,
it seemed to me that,
each neighbourhood had it's own unique
little corner store
and that VW bugs were the most
popular car on the road.
This little store
is close to my neighbourhood
and every October
the maple tree next to it turns brilliant
shades of gold,
similar in color to the Gold Nugget bubblegum
(in a drawstring cotton pouch) that
was, or maybe still is, sold in corner stores.
acrylic on canvas
24 x 12

Monday, 12 October 2009

Red Row SOLD

Happy Thanksgiving!
This little plein air is from a recent outing
to Victoria's Beacon Hill park.
My favourite colors of autumn are magnificent this year
and I'm very thankful to live in
this beautiful area.
I'm also thankful for all of the
wonderful connections I enjoy through my
art including all of you in
the land of blog!
8 x 10
(plein air)
oil on wood panel
For more information contact Mercurio Gallery.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Emily and Woo SOLD

This giant and very royal arbutus tree
stands on the front lawn of
the Empress Hotel,
(beside the Belmont Building
showing through the arbutus tree).
These historic buildings are located on Government Street
in the heart of Victoria's inner harbour.
The Empress Hotel, designed by Francis Rattenbury,
was built during Emily Carr's lifetime and very near
to Emily's family home.
And, wouldn't you know it, Emily and Woo happened to wander by
while I was working on this painting ...
"Emily and Woo"
acrylic on canvas
24 x 12

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Colorful Harbour - Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island SOLD

After an early morning mid September lake swim (heavenly!),
breaky outdoors on the cabin porch,
some Salt Spring Island exploration and a beach picnic lunch
across the bay from Fulford Harbour
I had about an hour to set up, paint this little painting and get cleaned up,
before heading for the ferry back to Victoria.
I didn't even have time to
put my hands in the air like I didn't care!
(Ever since my return from Salt Spring I've adopted the ritual of
breakfasting outside on my balcony to make the feel of summer last. This morning still felt like summer except for the lack of fresh local fruit.
Do you have something that you are doing to make summer last?)
oil on wood panel
(plein air)
10 x 8

Friday, 2 October 2009

View from Mount Maxwell SOLD

This one is from my mid September adventure
to Salt Spring Island.
The view from Mount Maxwell is incredible!
Before I started to paint I met and visited
with Jane and Robb
who were enjoying their last lookout before
returning to Edmonton.
As I began painting
I was able to look down on the turkey vultures in flight
and watch a raven that was keeping an eye on me keeping an
eye on him/her
from one of the trees growing
below on the cliff.
The view is of the farms along the way to Fulford Harbour
and beyond that is Washington state.
oil on wood panel
(plein air)
9 x 12

Saturday, 26 September 2009


I was up bright and early this morning to take part in
"Local Colour - Art on the Streets"
organized by the Downtown Victoria Business Association.
The theme of the event was; visual artists capturing the
character and vibrancy of Downtown Victoria.
It's usually color that attracts me to a scene and if the scene
has red in it then I'm ready to paint.
This morning on the corner of Fisgard and
Government streets
I saw red and lots of it so, I
set up to paint the Quonley's store.
Quonley's is located next to
the Gate of Harmonious Interest in the heart of Chinatown.
The beautiful and colorful Chinatown district of Victoria
is one of Canada's designated National Historic Sites.
This was one of my
"put your hands in the air like you don't care"
creative experiences having fun and painting while chatting with
friendly locals and tourists.
The folk that stopped to talk left me with many wonderful
comments and when they asked me,
"What would you call this style of yours?",
I told them "Linnyism".
oil on wood panel
(plein air)
14 x 11
"Quonley's" will be in the
upcoming "Local Colour" art show...details TBA.
Also, please visit the blog of artist & wordsmith, Carol Schiff.
Carol has kindly mentioned me on her latest posting,
"The Swimming Hole", and I'm in love with her
description of my work.
Thank-you, Carol!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Midsummer Dream SOLD

Late this morning I went for
a "the last weekend of summer lake swim"
to the local lake that was the inspiration for this painting.
During the walk in from the road, along the trail to the lake,
the temperature didn't exactly feel like swimming weather,
but the lake water felt beautiful and
I'm grateful to have had one more
swim this summer.
acrylic on canvas
30 x 36
Private Collection
James Bay BC Canada

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

September Sky - Saxe Point Park SOLD

This one is from an earlier in September
painting adventure to one of my
neighbourhood parks, (Saxe Point Park in Esquimalt).
I'm dazzled, intrigued, and inspired, by
all of the different shades of
gold that we, in this area, are experiencing
in our September early morning skies.
oil on board
14 x 11
Contact Mercurio Gallery for more information.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Summer Evening SOLD

This one is from a week or so ago when
fellow, fellow painter Jeffrey Boron and I enjoyed an
evening visit to High Rock Park.
I set up facing Esquimalt Harbour and painted this little sketch
just as the sun went down.
oil on wood panel
8 x 10

Contact Mercurio Gallery for more information.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Spring Rhythm

I started this painting in July at this year's
Moss Street Paint-In.
The view is looking down Moss Street,
across Dallas Road and the Strait of Juan de Fuca to
the Olympic Mountains of Washington state.
During the month of May both sides Moss Street are lined
with billowy clouds of pink blossoms.
On spring days, such as this one,Victoria-ites
flock to the Dallas Road waterfront
to enjoy the sun, the sights and scents, and the
joyous feel of spring.
(Like a May vacation to Hawaii without having to leave Vancouver Island.)
acrylic on canvas
20 x 16

Monday, 31 August 2009

The Edge - Cowichan Lake SOLD

This is another one from my recent camping trip
to Cowichan Lake.
After a boat trip and a swim I
set up to paint under a giant cedar tree. The sky
went from sunny to cloudy and back to sunny while
I painted
and, next to me, a native Douglas squirrel was busy running
(almost flying)
back and forth along a mossy log
treasured cones.
(And, when I was finished, I jumped in the lake for another swim...)
12 x 9
oil on wood panel
For more information contact Mercurio Gallery.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Summer Afternoon - Lake Cowichan SOLD

Last week I was away to Cowichan Lake
for a camping trip
and after a gorgeous day of lake swimming
I set up my easel to paint.
This view is from the Gordon Bay Provincial Park
looking across the lake towards
Honeymoon Bay.
When this little one was done I dove in for
one more swim!
5 x 5
(plein air)
oil on wood panel
Contact the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for more information.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Road Home - Woodwynn Farm

This one is from last Friday's outing with the
Al Fresco non-group. We had the joy of painting
at a very special place, the historic Woodwynn Farm, in
Saanich. (Check out the link to learn more about
the exciting plan for this farm!)
10 x 8
oil on wood panel

Monday, 17 August 2009

Cattle Point View SOLD

This small painting
is from a grey day adventure
at Cattle Point Park in Oak Bay.
I set up along the entance roadway facing
towards Discovery Island.
The first brush stroke that I applied had
a slight slant so, I decided to continue the slant
throughout the painting.
"Cattle Point View"
oil on wood panel
5 x 5

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