Saturday, 21 November 2009

Autumn Path - Uplands Park

This little one is from a recent
autumn jaunt to Oak Bay's Uplands Park.
It was on a dear friend's birthday that we made
a first trip to this park and,
because it was a fairly dark, dank afternoon,
we didn't get any further than this spot on the path.
I set up to paint and thought
how the mystery of what lies around the bend of this path
is similar to my friend on his birthday
wondering what's around the
corner for his new year...
may it be overflowing with of all of your heart's desires!
"Autumn Path - Uplands Park"
10 x 8
oil on wood panel


  1. Have you noticed how the colours and style of this painting are a perfect match for your portrait? Clearly you are well suited to brightening up the dull days we've had lately. Beautifully done!

  2. Thank-you Charlene! Yours is an interesting observation and one that I didn't previously see at all...does that mean that it's a reflective painting? or that I'm on my path? or both or none of the above? Hmmmmmm.....

  3. I am always buoyed by your paintings. What a gift to always leave the viewer in a better state of mind.

  4. As do the comments that you leave, Sheila. Thank-you!

  5. Hi Linny!... My first visit to your site! I really enjoyed the organic nature of all of your work and the dramatic use of brushwork and colour... ie my fav...the Fisgard piece.

    My brother lives in Victoria... so many of the subjects are familiar to me! I'm a Follower for sure!

    Good Painting!
    Bruce Sherman

  6. Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for visiting and for all of your positive comments! I'm glad to hear that you're fond of the Fisgard piece as, at present, I'm working on a 20 x 10 Fisgard Lighthouse. Now, I'm off to check you out...


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