Sunday, 15 November 2009

Linny at Large at Mercurio Gallery Reception

Linny is at Large...
at Mercurio Gallery's Linny at Large reception...

and so, too, are...

many, wonderful...

and patrons...
Thank-you all for coming
to enjoy an evening
of warmth at
and that's not all...
Linny at Large at Mercurio Gallery
has been extended through November!!!


  1. good luck larging it linny
    it looks like such a nice place!

  2. Thanks, Rob! (And, you're right,it is a nice gallery!)

  3. HI Linny,
    It's lovely to see your pictures from the opening. Thanks for posting them. Congrats on getting extended through November! Your paintings look beautiful hanging in the gallery. I will have to be sure to visit Mercurio Gallery when I next come to Victoria. (my inlaws live there)

  4. Thanks so much! I appreciate all of your positive comments, Sally!

  5. Hi Linny,

    I wish I could see your show. I love your work. Where did you get those boots? They are wonderful. It turns out that you are as beautiful as your work! It looks like a superb show.

    I hope you sell everything.

    Take care,


  6. Barbara, THANK-YOU! I wish that you could pop across the country to Mercurio Gallery and see the show,(and my boots), too. Again, thank-you for your generous and kind words!


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