Thursday, 12 November 2009

Evening Magic SOLD

Tonight is the Linny at Large

at Mercurio Gallery reception

from 5 - 8 pm....

Come, enjoy an evening among the warmth

of my plein air and studio work...

join in the evening magic...


"Evening Magic"

acrylic on canvas

40 x 30



  1. Can't make it to the Reception tonight, but I was in to the Mercurio a couple of days ago and I think your whole exhibition is wonderful -- a joyful, light-filled display! I loved seeing the 'real thing' after enjoying some of the pictures on your blog -- especially Emily and Woo at the Empress. And Evening Magic is really magnificent.

  2. aaahhhh... this is magical... thank you for letting me escape into your beautiful world for just a bit.

    Congrats again on the show...

  3. Wish I could attend..I just have to admire from a distance. Which I do enjoy.

  4. Thanks for taking in the show, Charlene, and thank-you very much for your very kind words!

  5. Hi Sheila,

    You come on back any old time you want! And, thank-you!

  6. Thank-you, Katelen - it's a joy to have you visit!


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