Saturday, 26 September 2009


I was up bright and early this morning to take part in
"Local Colour - Art on the Streets"
organized by the Downtown Victoria Business Association.
The theme of the event was; visual artists capturing the
character and vibrancy of Downtown Victoria.
It's usually color that attracts me to a scene and if the scene
has red in it then I'm ready to paint.
This morning on the corner of Fisgard and
Government streets
I saw red and lots of it so, I
set up to paint the Quonley's store.
Quonley's is located next to
the Gate of Harmonious Interest in the heart of Chinatown.
The beautiful and colorful Chinatown district of Victoria
is one of Canada's designated National Historic Sites.
This was one of my
"put your hands in the air like you don't care"
creative experiences having fun and painting while chatting with
friendly locals and tourists.
The folk that stopped to talk left me with many wonderful
comments and when they asked me,
"What would you call this style of yours?",
I told them "Linnyism".
oil on wood panel
(plein air)
14 x 11
"Quonley's" will be in the
upcoming "Local Colour" art show...details TBA.
Also, please visit the blog of artist & wordsmith, Carol Schiff.
Carol has kindly mentioned me on her latest posting,
"The Swimming Hole", and I'm in love with her
description of my work.
Thank-you, Carol!!!


  1. Mmmm....I can feel the cooler air moving in and the warm morning sun on my back. And everything looks so bright that I have to put my sunglasses on. Happy, vibrant painting.

  2. Thank-you, Deborah! Your comment is very close to my experience of the morning because for the first hour that I painted I was in the shade and for the next hour I was looking towards the very warm sunshine.

  3. Yes Carol is the reason I found and now follow you!

    I just reread your post and am now amazed this is plein air! got skills!

  4. Love this plein air painting Linny.It has such a zest to it. What i enjoy so much about your work is the "Linnyism!"

  5. I'm having a great day finding new paintings I love! I've admired your work at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, but just found your blog, via Sheila, and have been enjoying your wonderful Victoria paintings -- especially Esquimalt Harbour from High Rock Park. And now you've introduced me to Carol Schiff's delightful paintings as well!

  6. Hi Charlene,

    Thanks for finding me at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and here in Blogland. And, thank-you for your great comments!

  7. Thank-you, Sally, I appreciate your comment!

  8. I'm so happy to have come across your blog through Barbara Muir's. What wonderful work with such character and lovely expression of light. A few of your paintings made me think of B.C. artist Jeffrey Boron...... and then I noticed his blog on your profile page. What a small world!

    I'll be back to see more.

    Kind regards,

  9. Hi Nicki,

    Thank-you for finding me and I appreciate all of your lovely comments! (Isn't it amazing where the roads of blogland can lead us and the intersections that we find along the way. Happy travels and now I'm off to visit you...


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