Sunday, 6 September 2009

Spring Rhythm

I started this painting in July at this year's
Moss Street Paint-In.
The view is looking down Moss Street,
across Dallas Road and the Strait of Juan de Fuca to
the Olympic Mountains of Washington state.
During the month of May both sides Moss Street are lined
with billowy clouds of pink blossoms.
On spring days, such as this one,Victoria-ites
flock to the Dallas Road waterfront
to enjoy the sun, the sights and scents, and the
joyous feel of spring.
(Like a May vacation to Hawaii without having to leave Vancouver Island.)
acrylic on canvas
20 x 16


  1. I just found your blog and I love the colors and shapes that you use..You are so blessed with talent.. I am glad I found you in blog land.

  2. Linny - thank you for your supportive comment on my blog. I appreciate it all the more because of your own strong sense of design and color. Your paintings invite me into beautiful spaces that I want to explore visually. So glad to find your artwork. Thank you, Marie

  3. Hi Linny,

    I love your work. It's absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for coming to my blog and helping me find you here.


    Take care,


  4. Hello Katelen,

    I'm glad that you found me, too.(Isn't blogland a wonder!) Thank-you for commenting and leaving me with such kind words.

  5. Thank-you for visiting, Marie, and thank-you for your dear comment.

  6. Barbara, you have given me such big and generous comment - thank-you!

  7. Linny, I love the way the sky is dancing!

  8. Thanks for popping by for a quick dance, Don!

  9. Again love this, think its brilliant as you say you combine reality with a dream world, looks like a very fruitful approach, I am sure I have walked down this street in a dream, its probably an experience thats as meaningful as straight reality, dreams are kind of like looking under the hood of life..

  10. Thanks for your wonderful comment Simon and I like your "looking under the hood of life"-you're exactly right and isn't it amazing how dreams are capable of enlightening our "awakened" selves...if only we look and listen...(and remember!)


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