Thursday, 10 December 2009

Moon Jumpers SOLD

This painting came about after an October plein air
adventure to the Cowichan Valley.
While I painted I was aware that the cows
were continually wandering over to check on my progress.
When I finished painting I snapped a few photos of
the curious cows for a studio painting.
The painting, "Moon Jumpers", now belongs to Shelley:
Shelley fell in love with this painting and
told her dear friend, Linda,
who arranged to have all of Shelley's friends
contribute to the painting for
Shelley on her special birthday.
"Moon Jumpers"
acrylic on canvas
16 x 20

Posing or just watching?


  1. The sunlight is exactly right, especially on the lady on the left -- obviously ready for her close-up. No wonder Shelley fell in love with this magical painting!

  2. The light on the cows is great, actually the whole painting is wonder that it sold so fast.

  3. I've been enjoying the light in the color in this painting a lot. You've really captured an exceptionally good moment. I love this painting!

    Love that you also included the photo of the scene. It's a great photo of you too!

    Hope you'll do more of these cows. What is it about them that is so wonderful?!

  4. Thank-you, Carol! (My post is somewhat misleading in that it was a three years ago that I was painting in the midst of the cows.)

  5. Thank-you very much, Melinda. Cows seem so calm and gentle and aren't they pretty. How about doing a life as a cow...

  6. Wonderful light Linny and you've really caught the inquisitive character of those cows. A lovely painting.


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