Monday, 21 December 2009

Little Light SOLD

Happy Solstice Everyone!
The first time that I painted
the Fisgard Lighthouse it was on location
and it was a cold but sunny wintery morning.
Since then I've painted a few more "Fisgards" on
different shapes and sizes of canvas, and oddly,
I've painted them all in the
months of December.
Each time that I paint the lighthouse it
ends up being balanced on a slightly higher rock
and the last two have had fences as safe boundaries as well.
I'm sure that by this time in December we can all relate to the
lighthouse and are feeling the need to rise high above it all with
our boundaries in tact. So, on Winter Solstice today,
as you celebrate the return of the light
may you all have a little time to yourself to
find your balance and enjoy the light
- high above it all.
Wishing you joy & light!
"Little Light"
oil on canvas
20 x 10


  1. lovely optimistic painting LInny, that creamy gradated blue sky does it for me...lovely.

  2. you ROCK Linny! Super painting!

  3. Beautiful! Cheerful! This is lovely and I'm so glad that you've visited this site many times.

    May you always rise above the challenges of life and remain well balanced with joy.

  4. Hello again Lenny!
    ...and Happy Solstice back to "You"!
    I love the playfulness and intuitive treatment that "You" have applied to Fisgard Light in this version.

    Art is about "Self" expression for "Me"...and "You" as well... expression that transcends a frozen "Kodak" moment... and offers instead... visual music to feel and to dance to... for your viewer!

    Neither The "Light"... nor movement is ever absent in your work... ever!

    Good painting!..."Let there be Light"!

    Warmly lit regards,

  5. Hi back.... Linny!...I got it right this time ! Sorry for the faux pas... too early in the morning I guess! my apologies!

    On a positive note....I got to see the Light ... encore une fois!

    a la prochaine!

  6. Thanks very much, Sally. I'm happy to hear that the sky works!

  7. Hi Sally - I love your comment. Thank-you!

  8. Thank-you, Melinda. Painting is a great balancer and especially in December...hmmm?

  9. Thank-you from Lenny and I for your delightful comments, Bruce!


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