Monday, 14 December 2009

Down the Road

This one is from my most recent outdoor painting adventure
(late November) to Kinsmen Park in Esquimalt.
The day was gorgeous; a sunny and warm memory.
We've had snow in Victoria today.
"Down the Road"
oil on board
12 x 9


  1. Hello Linny !
    Je suis sous le charme de tes toiles, si fortes dans leur simplicité. Cette lumière est incroyable ! On dirait une fin d'après-midi d'automne... J'aime beaucoup.
    Kisses from France,

  2. What a beautiful sky set back from the gorgeous shadows along the walkway. Just wow!

    Wishing you warm days to paint plein air! Do you enjoy the snow? I mean, generally, not necessarily to paint in? ;)

  3. Love this looks like the illustration of a fable, each object seems to be animated.

  4. Thank-you, Melinda! As to snow, I love snow when it first arrives and it's all fresh and beautiful and exciting but when once it's been around for while I fall out of love with it. This year we've only had some in the air but none that has stayed on the ground -yet. Have you ever spent time in snowy climes, Melinda?

  5. Thank-you, Simon. I like your description - a lot!


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