Thursday, 31 December 2009

High on Highrock

This one is from my last plein air adventure of 2009.
Last Sunday fellow fellow painter, Jeffrey J. Boron,
and I enjoyed a sunny seven degrees Celsius
couple of hours at Highrock Park in Esquimalt.
Jeffrey had an idea in mind and set up to paint right away
and I wandered around and about...
and around and about some more... and then even more
before finally deciding on the
mossy rocks and Garry oak trees.
I love the freedom that comes from
not having a preconceived idea of how a painting
will turn out, as with this little one,
and that had me thinking about
freedom and now I'm thinking and feeling
that 2010 is the year of FREEDOM.
And, being creative folk, we are free to create
what we want in our lives for this year,
(even if that means the freedom of not having a preconceived
idea of how it will all turn out...)

Wishing you all the freedom that you desire in 2010!
High on Highrock
(plein air)
oil on board
10 x 8


  1. Painting on location with someone who hits the ground running and has the makings of a terrific picture before you even decide what to do can be so paralyzing... I love your thoughts about freedom and the bold concept that resulted in this striking design.

  2. Here's a wish for continued blessings in the New Year to my new blogger friend. All the best to you in 2010 Linny!

  3. I was laughing at myself and thinking that maybe it was a good hike rather than a good paint that my soul was needing but I was happy that I eventually enjoyed both. Maybe we'll meet each other in 2010 and maybe it will be while we are each wandering about looking for inspiration at Highrock Park...

  4. Sheila, thanks for visiting and leaving me with lovely wishes for the new year. I wish you creative and joy filled 2010!

  5. I'll second that wish for freedom to paint without preconceived notions! I think you've got it down! :)

    This is another magical scene. Happy 2010!!

  6. Linny, what an exuberant painting and yes, totally free. You prove time and again what is possible when we give our imaginations free reign. I love your message of freedom for 2010 as well. Am planning to join in!

  7. I like the freedom idea too...and this little painting! who wants to paint in a box anyway?

  8. Thank-you for your great comments, Sheila. (Yes! Feel free to join in!)


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