Monday, 4 January 2010

Prairie Lighthouse

I was born in Saskatchewan
and came to BC at age three, so I have
limited memories of
the prairies, but I do remember the
giant grain elevators. I've had an urge to paint
some of the old style wooden ones
and I've been asking people
who travel to the prairies to bring me back photos
of these rare old giants. The photo
that I used as a reference for
this painting came to me
courtesy of Shelley from her visit
to Elbow, Saskatchewan. Thank-you, Shelley!
"Prairie Lighthouse"
oil on canvas
20 x 10


  1. Ooooh, oooh, oooh, this is fantastic. That background is stunning--love how your brushstrokes work against the ground color. And the clouds...remind me of a Georgia O'Keeffe sky.

    I've never seen a grain elevator so tall. I'm so glad you remember them.

  2. Magical! I love the long cast shadow in front of the building and as Melinda stated the sky!

  3. Land of living skies - just like the Saskatchewan license plate says! I'm thrilled Linny it looks great. Shelley

  4. Thank-you, Melinda, that's some big comment!

  5. Thank-you for taking the time to comment, Shelley - and I love your handle!

  6. Linny, I love your strong sense of color and play in this painting! The title is fun too.

  7. Thank-you for appreciating all of it, Marie!

  8. Hi Linny,

    This is beautiful. I've slowly been working on a list of artists whose work I love since I got back from Florence. I have been dogged by a cold, and slow on memory -- which seemed obliterated by my Italy experience. But let me tell you right now that I think your work is fantastic.
    Take care,


  9. Thank-you very much, dear Barbara! I wish you wellness!

  10. Girl after my own heart, we left Sask when I was 3 too. Funny the things that stick in our memories. I love your grain elevators series!

  11. Thank-you, "fellowa" Saskatchewan gal, Tracey!


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