Monday, 26 October 2009

Autumn Oaks - Highrock Park SOLD

I've been busy with preparations
for my November solo show,
but on Saturday morning it was so sunny
and warm that I snuck out for a
plein air adventure to one of
the parks in my neighbourhood.
The sky clouded over while I was painting
but the temperature stayed warm
and as the clouds moved in I became more and more fond
of the combination of green moss, golden Garry oak leaves,
and all of the different blues and greys
of the rocks, mountains and sky.
Some of the large rock formations at Highrock Park
look as though they are sculptures that have been
carefully placed and arranged
to accentuate the views of
the Strait of Juan de Fuca and
the Olympic Mountains,
(and maybe they have!)
oil on wood panel
(plein air)
12 x 9


  1. Wow... this is plein air? On a good size too....
    You have a solo show next month? When are you going to stop amazing me?

  2. This is beautiful Linny. I love the moody feel in the way you have painted the sky. Those golden colours of fall are luscious are they not? Great that you got a chance to sneak away for a paint out.

  3. This is really a wonderful painting of the view from Highrock Park, Linny. I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff at the Mercurio -- and you've inspired me to go up to Highrock Park as well!

  4. Thank-you, Sally. I snuck back out to get some of those colors again today...

  5. Thank-you Charlene. Maybe we'll meet on the hill or maybe we'll meet at the show...I'll look forward to meeting you sometime!


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