Friday, 16 October 2009

Golden Days SOLD

When I first experienced the colorful city of Victoria,
it seemed to me that,
each neighbourhood had it's own unique
little corner store
and that VW bugs were the most
popular car on the road.
This little store
is close to my neighbourhood
and every October
the maple tree next to it turns brilliant
shades of gold,
similar in color to the Gold Nugget bubblegum
(in a drawstring cotton pouch) that
was, or maybe still is, sold in corner stores.
acrylic on canvas
24 x 12


  1. Very cool painting, I feel swept along down that hill when I look at it.

  2. What a spectacular time of year for your area. This is so good. I really enjoy the yellow/orange warmth juxtaposed with the cool shadows on the store.

    Smiled a lot when I read your tags, especially love the "Linnyism."

  3. Linny do you spray opium from our computer screen to make us feel so happy when we view your paintings? I love this!

  4. Thanks, Diana, I'm happy to have you riding the hill curves!

  5. Thank-you, Melinda! It really is a gorgeous time of year in Victoria - even today with the sky grey, all the autumn colors continued to glow.

  6. Sheila, you had me laughing out loud this morning when I read your comment!!! Thank-you, and I'm happy to hear that your moniter is opium spray compatible!


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