Thursday, 22 April 2010

Magnolia Sky

Happy Earth Day!
(Lorna's magnolia tree inspired this one.)
"Magnolia Sky"
oil on canvas
18 x 36


  1. As "Magnolia Sky" loaded on my computer, I whispered out loud, "Oh, wow."

    Love the colors.
    Love the texture in the background.
    Love the canvas size.
    Love the image of magnolias.

  2. I love the energy you put into your background. It gives a vitality and life to the foreground images, which are quite lovely. I can almost feel them dancing in a warm Spring breeze... Great colors, too...


  3. Gorgeous! Especially with the light you have captured on the petals, and your vibrant sky.

  4. Hi Linny,

    Melinda's blog says the earth is sacred, and if it is so,the Magnolia is its prayer, and this painting of yours lets the Magnolia sing. I'm not religious, but the Magnolia seems to be joy expressed in a tree. It is the complete wow of spring, and makes us smile. Your painting captures this wow so perfectly.

    Take care,


  5. Wow Linny, those exquisite, waxy, wonderful magnolias. You have created a brilliant painting here. love it.

  6. Hi Linny!.... Love the elongated format to "house" this magnolia sprig. Your choice of a pastel palette really heightens the softness and delicacy of your blossomy subject!

    A beautiful piece in every way!

    Good painting!
    Warm regards,

    PS Thank "You" for your gracious comment on my last post. Thougtht that it might be familiar to "You"!

  7. Love the perfection of simplicity in this. Using monotones on the Magnolia works beautifully against that beautifully colored background.

  8. The movement and expression in the branches, and the delicate, perfect colours in this painting are LUSCIOUS!

  9. Thanks, Don! I'm happy to hear that the dancing in the breeze feel comes through to you.

  10. Thank-you for your great comments, Jennifer!

  11. Thank-you for your heart felt words, Barbara!

  12. Thanks so much, Bruce - and happy painting to you, too!

  13. Kim, thank-you very much for your dear comments!

  14. this caught my eye as i looked through your blog, it is beautifully executed... delicate in its existance.


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