Thursday, 25 November 2010

Studio Cat

This painting is from last Thursday when I was invited
to give an acrylics painting demonstration
with a great group of artists,
the Painters Group of the Juan de Fuca Arts Club.
We all had fun during the adventure in Linnyland.
Next week I am doing a mini workshop
on painting Linnyism buildings
and I've asked the participants to bring a photo
of their home or studio to work/play from.
This painting and the photo of it will be an example
of where one might be going;
it has two painters painting (up there with their hands in the air)
on the fourth floor - plus one studio cat.
"Studio Cat"
acrylic on canvas
24 x 12


  1. Hi there Linny!... Always a pleasure and "rip"... to travel down Linny Lane... a purely harmonious... rhythmical journey!

    Always a pleasure for the eye ... and heart Linny! Good luck with the workshop... sounds like great fun!

    Gopod Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Love your color choices. Love the whimsy! Hang on kitty!

    Your artist workshop must have been so much fun. What lucky artists!

    Best wishes with next week's workshop. I know you'll be great and everyone there will have a blast.

  3. Hi Linny,

    Another incredible painting. I love the tiny little cat and people waving, on the big apartment building. Lovely design and great cheerful feeling as always. Linnyland is my dreamscape.


  4. Votre arbre est superbe et l'ensemble de vos couleurs tout autant. Bisous

  5. Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for your visit down and around Linny Lane in Linnyland. Thank-you, too for your comments. (I left a comment on your fabulous trees posting but it didn't stick - I'll redo it...)

  6. Melinda,
    Your comments are special - thank-you!

  7. Thank-you for leaving me such wonderfully positive comments, Barbara!

  8. Would have missed the cat if not for the title, was too busy looking at the fab trees upfront! Nice painting!

  9. It must be nice to have your home linnyfied! But the style is so unique, it carries your label all over!

  10. Linnyland has to be a fun place to hang out. Wish I were a little closer, I'd come for a visit and have some fun in the workshop learning Linnyisms. Too cool!


  11. Hi Prabha,
    Thanks for coming to visit and for finding the studio cat and for your "tall" comments, too!

  12. Thank-you Don, you are always welcome in the land of Linny!

  13. Really enjoyed the demo at the painter's group. Your artistic talent and fun loving answers to our questions made the evening a pleasure! 'Studio Cat' became a work of art before our eyes. Thanks again Esther

  14. Thank-you, Esther, it was wonderful to meet you and your group of painters. May our paths intersect again and happy, hands in the air like you don't care painting!


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