Monday, 23 January 2012

Chinatown Snow

Happy Year of the Dragon!
 Sun Neen Fai Lok & Sun Tai Gin Hong!
 Linnyland is experiencing a technical blog clog;
I'm unable to access Linnyland messages plus
I can't leave messages on other blogs.
Last night, to begin the new year, I opened all the windows
 and doors to let any bad luck leave
and to allow good luck to enter.
According to Linny lore it's also good for clearing
the dreaded "blog clog"...
and just in case, please send any known remedies!
"Chinatown Snow" (repost)
acrylic on canvas
24 x 12


  1. Une oeuvre encore splendide que vous nous montrez!...
    En ce qui concerne votre petit problème, essayez d'utiliser internet via "Google Chrome" ou "Mozilla" au lieu de "Internet Explorer" qui semble-t-il est la cause de tous les soucis que beaucoup rencontrent en ce moment...
    Gros bisous

  2. Hey! I got my name into a Linnyland painting! Sweet! I wish I had some advice on your blog issues, but I'm afraid I must let you down. Maybe your house clearing was the answer.


  3. Your work is very unique. It has an immediate warmth and charm that is very inviting. I am posting new music videos on my blogs almost every week which you might enjoy. Visit me sometime.

    1. Hi Linny,

      I'm having some trouble commenting because of blog clog, so I hope this works. A gorgeous painting. I think perhaps bloggers with a designed page are having trouble because of new templates. Not sure. It should not be true. But hey. Awesome work.

      XO Barbara

  4. Hi there Linnyland!... Snow there too I see... but still welcomely warm in colour and movement!

    Sorry about your "puter" woes! I have experienced the same. I went through my Control Panel to Internet Options and found the
    Browser History and ticked off all and punched OK. On the next page punch Delete and Apply.

    It removed the Big Load of History... and it was sizeable that had accumulated and that seemed to take away my problem for the most part! Worth a try Linny! Still a bit funny at times... but that's Blogger I think!

    Good Luck with it... and Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  5. That's one beautiful little painting Linny. Love the shapes and colours, what fun! I have also been experiencing not being able to leave comments on other sites.I'm not sure you'll get this one. wish i knew a solution, but sorry i dont.

  6. This is so lovely and strong. I just know that someone will fall in love with and scoop it up soon.

    Great work!

  7. Merci beaucoup, Martine Alison - for everything! (It seems to be the open windows and doors because a way of entering into the blog has appeared!)

  8. Haha, Don - who knew? And, the openings have done the trick - Yipppee!

  9. Welcome to Linnyland, Betsy. Thanks for leaving your lovely comment!

  10. Thank-you, Barbara! It's a miracle - a new way of entering into Linnyland blog world has appeared and here I am!

  11. Thank-you for your comment and your suggestions, Bruce!

  12. Thank-you, Sally! I made it in this time - woohoo!

  13. Thank-you, Melinda - I like the sounds of that!!

  14. Fabulous painting. lovely warm colors! And love the idea of opening windows and doors to get all the bad luck to get out...always worth a try :-))

  15. Thank-you, Jane! (The opening windows and doors really did seem to be the answer for blog clog and it's been great for sales, too - yippee!)


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