Sunday, 8 April 2012

"Rabbit Riding"

Happy Easter!! This is one of 26 paintings that are "From A to Izzard in Linnyland",(this year's title for my annual spring solo show at Fernwood's She Said Gallery).


"R" is for "Rabbit Riding", oil on canvas, 10 x 5


  1. Oh my Goodness, what a wonderful painting, it made me smile the moment i saw it. It will be a standout at your solo show. Congrats on that Linny, and Happy Easter to you!

  2. Ha! This is lovely and fun, Linny. Those colours are just full of joy and magic. I'm glad you have such great hare days!

    Best wishes with your exhibit at the She Said Gallery. You're gonna do great!

  3. Thank-you, Sally and Happy Easter to you!

  4. Thank-you, Melinda (and now Linnyland has has had a title change from "Great Hare Day" to "Rabbit Riding" - I liked Donald Diddam's, "Funny Bunny" but I already have an "F" painting.) Your studio tour weekend is going to be a HUGE success!
    Easter to you and yours!

  5. Hoppy Easter Egg Linny!... That t(hare)bunny has panache... ridin' a funky bike that could only have been manufactured in Linnyland! HA HA!!!

    Good luck with your other alphabet entourage! If this represents the average in the show... you'll have to paint a wheelbarrow ... to bring home all the $$$$$ Ka-Ching!

    Good Painting and Good luck with the show!
    Warmest regards,

  6. Love it! Happy Easter to you.

    XO Barbara

  7. Thank-you for your creative and playful comment, Bruce!!

  8. Thank-you, Barbara - to you and yours, too!


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