Monday, 10 September 2012

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria House Tour 2012

Yesterday was the annual 
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria House Tour 
where I was invited to paint at one of the six beautiful  homes. 
It was a spectacular day with a HUGE amount
 of people and a HUGE amount of fun!
(Thank-you to the AGGV Gallery Associates, 
the volunteers, the home owners and all of those who toured
 for a wonderfully successful day!!)
"Victoria’s premier house tour since 1953, organized by the Gallery Associates.
  From elegant historical to eclectic contemporary, 
six unique homes will intrigue you this year. 
A leading local artist working on location at each house."
Painting in progress:
"a long and leaner Linnyland lighthouse"
photo credit: Mary ellen Threadkell


  1. Hi there Linnyland! ... Have missed your fine paintings... sense of humour... and lovely smile Linny!

    Longer and leaner... still a BIG winner! Glad that you are back on line!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Love to see you at work. This one is going to be a winner!

  3. Yay! What a great moment. Thank you for sharing a bit of it with us. You look like you're having a fabulous time. I'll bet everyone enjoyed your work as much as we virtual admirers do.

    Beautiful work. Congrats on the event!

  4. Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for giving me a warm welcome back - I'll visit and see what you've been up to! (I imagine that you are looking forward to experiencing the colors of fall in your new neighbourhood!)

  5. Thank-you, Jennifer - happy to hear from you!

  6. Hi and thank-you, Melinda! I'm so happy to read of all your successes this summer!

  7. Hi Linny,

    I love this picture and the chance to see you painting.
    XO Barbara

  8. Thank-you, Barbara! (I hope that you are feeling well again!!)


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