Friday, 23 November 2012

Downtown Date SOLD

This one started (way back in July) when the
 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria invited me
 to participate in their first ever Paint-In the Square, 
(in honor of the city of Victoria's 150th Anniversary).
The event's on site coordinator and all round fantastic guy,
 Ben Fast, recorded his take on the day here .
The building in this painting is Victoria's City Hall, 
which is beside the "Paint-In the Square's", 
Centennial Square. As I painted the building
 these two figures appeared on the canvas.
(Linnyland paintings evolve to include 
whatever shows up on the canvas while I paint.)
 And, I just learned that beautiful Melanie listened carefully
 as I explained how this sort of thing occurs in 
Linnyland paintings, with her kind words she has
 described it here 
I love her description,"heart-centered", 
which has me thinking of how fortunate
 I am to enjoy heart connections
 with art blog buds like you!
To all of you on my blog roll, 
(and others who check in here)
 thank-you for your blog budness,
 your heart connections
 and your beautiful art, too!
"Downtown Date"
oil on canvas
30 x 20
Private Collection 
Ottawa ON 



  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! This is another stunning work, Linny. I do enjoy visiting (if only vicariously) your beautiful Victoria.

    Loved what you said about how the ""magic happens"... when perfection is set aside." I needed to hear that.

    I also loved seeing your lovely face as you painted (in your other link).

    I am so grateful for your artist "budness" too! Thank you for sharing a bit of your magic and good soul with us.

    Warm hugs...

  2. I Love this so much. Wonderful sky -- the building is amazing, and the super humour and tenderness of the couple is lovely.

    Yay Linny.

    XO Barbara

  3. Thank-you for visiting Linnyland and Victoria, Melinda. (Weren't those two other great blogs to visit!)Thank-you, too, for all of your heart comments!! And congratulations to you on all of your success this year...and there's still more year to come!

  4. Thank-you dear Barbara!! I'm off to see what the latest beauty is that you've created...

  5. o Linny, I love it! fabulous work.

  6. Hi painting chum & blog bud, Sally! Thank-you for visiting and leaving your kind comment. (Checked in on your new blog...great work!)


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