Sunday, 30 October 2016

October 2016 "news from Linnyland"

A great big CONGRATULATIONS to long time
Linny D. Vine/Linnyland/D.Vine Collector
AND newly named
Canadian Senator, 
the Honourable Patricia Bovey
(Former Director of Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 
& Former Director of Winnipeg Art Gallery)

~photo Winnipeg Free Press

"Summer Bloomers", 30x30, acrylic on canvas, ©Linny D. Vine 
Private Collection of the Honourable Patricia Bovey
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
#LinnyDVine #Linnyland #Collector


  1. Dear Linny,

    Beautiful painting and how wonderful. I thought I did comment, but my iPad can mess up sometimes. This is amazing. So love your work!



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