Thursday, 30 July 2009

View from Ravenhill Farm SOLD

I enjoyed a painting adventure to the
Ravenhill Farm on the Saanich Peninsula
with the Al Fresco non-group last Friday
and this little sketch
is the result.
I set up at the edge of the farm,
facing southwest toward Brentwood Bay and Todd Inlet.
Before I started to paint I raised my arms above my head,
waved them about and declared,
"Put your hands in the air, like you don't care!"
(It's a fun and freeing way in which to start a painting -
and a great motto for living life!)
oil on panel
9 x 12
Contact Linny for information.
(Comments are welcome, too.)


  1. What a beautiful location! Great little painting. I think I am going to try that arm motion!

  2. A lovely piece, Linny! Ya know, it's hard to type with your arms over your head...

  3. Thank-you for visiting Carol, and thanks for your comment, too! I see that your arms have been very busy painting!!!

  4. Hi Don,

    Thank-you for stopping in and for your comment! Did you type with your nose or your toes? The arms in the air feels to me like; one part surrender to the experience and one part dive right in ... sounds like what you're doing (and doing well!)

  5. That's lovely Linny. I like how you acheived the different levels of distance there and the colours are wonderful, especially those far off hills.
    Sheila V

  6. Thank-you, Sheila. I hope that you are enjoying painting (or just enjoying the view of) some magical "far off hills" while you are vacationing. Happy Holidays!


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