Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunny Day- Botanical Beach Bay

This one is a plein air from yesterday's
adventure to Botanical Beach Park.
It was a gorgeous day of
warm sunshine and fresh ocean air!
On the drive home, just when I thought
the day couldn't possibly get any more glorious
and even before I'd seen the brilliant orange sunset,
I had the good fortune
to see a Northern Pygmy - Owl.
(Seeing a Pygmy - Owl and seeing a movie in 3 - D
are two things that I have experienced
this month that have long been on my
large list of things that I have my heart set on
experiencing in this life time
- I'm having a good month and a good life!)
"Sunny Day - Botanical Beach Bay"
oil on wood panel
(plein air)
12 x 9


  1. Oh, you ARE having a great month and life! A Northern Pygmy Owl, 3-D movie, plein air painting and fabulous environment?! Oh, yeah. Linnyland is good.

    This painting says that in a confident way.

  2. These are very good signs that you're going to have a fabulous 2010 Linny!

  3. Lovely composition, yep sounds like all is well on your end. So glad to hear it!

  4. So interesting to see nature executed in unexpected colours...the overall warm tones work well here. Lovely that you can get out and plein on the west coast has it's many advantages, yes? (I'm looking out my studio window and watching the snow.)

  5. I love your work- so much in fact- i gave you the SUNSHINE AWARD!

  6. Hi Linny,

    Gorgeous painting. Wow -- a super month. You make everyone who comes to see your work happy too.
    Thanks for being part of my great life.

    Take care,


  7. Thank-you, Melinda! Yup, I'm having fun!

  8. Hi Sheila,

    You're right, I am having a really wonderful year!

  9. Thanks, Sally. Do you like the snow? I always like it when it first arrives...

  10. Thank-you very much - for everything, Sally Dean!!!

  11. Thank-you, Barbara, your generous comments have me smiling!


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