Friday, 5 February 2010

Gold Sky and Firs

This is another from an
outdoor adventure to Highrock Park.
It was on a grey day in early January.
After I returned to the studio the painting's
sky looked too blah, so, the clouds parted
and the gold sky appeared.
"Gold Sky and Firs -Highrock Park"
(plein air with studio gilding)
oil on wood panel
12 x 9


  1. Trees, and sky.... a trademark of yours I believe. I'm always so much calmer when I gaze at your paintings Linny!

  2. Your interpretation of form and light is unique and exciting - love the old - love your idea to do old grain elevators - I don't think we have those out here, but if I find any, I'll take a photo for you - I love the painting you did w/the train and the overall colors you chose.

  3. Wow, Linny! I just discovered your blog and I am so excited I did. What wonderful work (interpretations) you do. These trees captured my attention and I just have to see more... and more... Happy Painting! -Don

  4. Beautiful movement in the sky and trees. Lovely sense of sunset light. Wishing you more clear and warm days in Linnyland!

  5. Hi Linny! Just love your paintings (esp their colours!) and your blog. So, I just awarded you the Sunshine Blogger award. Congrats, visit my site to retrieve it!

  6. Thank-you, Sheila! I love that my paintings impact you emotionally - and that you let me know that they do.

  7. Thank-you, Lisa! I'm happy to hear that the train/grain elevator painting works for you- as you have seen I'm usually more colorful. (And, thank-you for being on the grain elevator look out, too!)

  8. Hi Don and welcome! Thank-you for your comments and I promise more trees...

  9. Muchos tah, Melinda! Wishing you just the right balance of rain and sunshine...

  10. Thank-you very much for everything, Lisa!

  11. Hi Linny,

    I like how this has a classic feeling, with more of a rolling touch. So beautiful.

    Take care,


  12. Thank-you for your thoughtful comments, Barbara!


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