Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Silver Afternoon

Here is one more from my afternoon
adventure at High Rock park.
(Any guesses on the order in which I painted these three?)
"Silver Afternoon"
(plein air)
oil on wood panel
6 x 6


  1. Interprétation intéressante...

  2. I would guess that you painted these three in the order you posted them. It looks like the afternoon was waning in this one, and the sun seemed higher in the first. What a successful day of painting you had.


  3. Merci beaucoup, Martine Alison.

  4. Thank-you, Don. (And you are one third right...)

  5. Your painting style is very appealing. I would guess the one closest to the center came first then the one between the first one and the border on the right then the remaining one.

  6. Thank-you and thanks for visiting Anita! (I'm guessing, from your description that you might have been choosing the order from the three small images that are directly below the most recent post. Now I'm guessing, too, because those images aren't always the same images or in the same order. If you would like to guess again it's from the order of my last three posts.) Isn't this fun?!

  7. (Blue Sky and Clouds first, then To the Top and then Silver Afternoon.)


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