Friday, 4 June 2010

Burgoyne Bay Barn

This one is from a recent adventure
to Salt Spring Island.
The old barn in this painting is in a field in
Burgoyne Bay Park which is at the base
of Mount Maxwell.
It was a grey sky afternoon as I painted yet, flying above me, there
were three varieties of swallows (Barn, Tree and Violet Green) and I had my
first dragonfly sighting of the year.
Plus, with the miracle of paint (in Linnyland), the sun
was shining on my canvas.
"Burgoyne Bay Barn"
oil on wood panel
(plein air)
14 x 11


  1. Hi LInny, Isn't that true...the miracle of paint is that it can be sunny when it's not. i think that says something about your disposition. Lovely painting with the mountain soaring behind the barn.

  2. Thank-you, Sally, for your dear comments!

  3. Everything about this environment says, welcome, rest here, be refreshed.

    It's a gorgeous place this Linnyland!
    Beautiful painting.

  4. just finished looking at some more of your paintings and find your colour sense amazing as well as your compositions. there is also a beuatiful dream like atmosphere about your work. well worth visiting your blog:)

  5. Hi Linny,

    I like the miracle of paint in Linnyland and this beautiful painting. Good for you.

    Take care,


  6. Thank-you, Melinda. The island has a very different feel from the one that I live on and, yes, it is a great place to find inspiration and enjoy relaxation.

  7. This piece absolutely captures the west coast feeling. Lovely.

  8. Thanks for popping by and leaving your comment, Jennifer!


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