Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Classic Evening - Fulford Harbour SOLD

From start to finish this painting was a joy to paint!
We're back on Salt Spring Island on a classic summer evening
with a pair of vintage gems cruising by each other
down in "feel good Fulford Harbour".
This painting is a gift from Jane to Robb,
(who I met one classic summer evening when I was painting en plein air
atop of Salt Spring Island's Mount Maxwell).
Again, Happy Birthday Robb!
And, to all that are wondering, YES,
I am happy to consider commissions
of Linnyland/Linnyism style paintings
for your gifts and otherwise.
To inquire contact me at linnydvine@shaw.ca
"A Classic Evening - Fulford Harbour"
oil on canvas
24 x 24


  1. How wonderful! I can hear the laughter and pleasant chatter as the beauty of the day excites the visitors to feel good about being alive.

    Congratulations on the sale! The receiver of this gorgeous painting will never be in a bad mood, ever again!

  2. Linnyland, Linnyism, Lucky Lindy...

    Lucky Robb in Linnyland, oh yeah!!


  3. Well...Well. Another "classic" vivacious Linnyism.... vibrant colour... unruly line... simply...D-Vine Linny!

    Lucky Robb! Lucky "Us" to have shared so many wonder-filled Linny moments!

    Thank "You" for sharing Linny!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. I like it that i get to roam around Linnyland every now and then and feel really blessed! Thanks Linny!

  5. Linny, What a wonderful land you live in. I really enjoy stepping into these landscapes and feeling the vibe.

  6. Hi Melinda! Thank-you for your response to this one - your positive comments add to the joy of this painting!

  7. Thank-you, Jeffrey, for your dancing with the luckiness of life comment!

  8. Thank-you for your VAMOOM comment, Bruce, and happy painting to you, too!

  9. Thank-you, Prahba! Your comments arrive like blessings!

  10. Edgar, it's good to hear from you and thank-you! Come and dance to the vibe in Linnyland anytime that you like!

  11. Once again, my respect and admiration, your work is so unique! I am adding your link in a special category of artists who "design" their paintings, Linny....it is on my second blog, I hope you find your name there!

  12. Thank-you, Marie! I'm honored. I'll check it out for sure...


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