Sunday, 5 December 2010

Little, Little Light (Fisgard Lighthouse) STOLEN

This is a tale of dark and light from Linnyland.
I was going to wait and post
this little, little Linnyland lighthouse painting
to celebrate Winter Solstice.
Winter Solstice is the day of the year
just before we, in the northern hemisphere,
begin our return towards the light and, little by little,
we begin to experience longer days of daylight.
Unfortunately, "Little, Little Light"
has vanished into the dark,
the victim of a little, little art heist.
On Friday I delivered "Little, Little Light",
along with other small paintings, to my Victoria art galleries,
(in time for December's season of the small painting).
Sadly, over the weekend, a grinch took
"Little Little Light" from the wall of one of the galleries.
"Little, Little Light" stands 12 inches high and 6 inches wide
and was last seen wearing a black wooden floater frame.
If you have any information regarding
"Little Little Light" and/or it's whereabouts
please contact me, the gallery, or the Victoria police.
Please help return "Little Little Light" from the dark to the light.
Help me to spread the news...
Make it right, return "Little, Little Light!"
"Little Little Light" (Fisgard Lighthouse)
oil on canvas
12 x 6


  1. Oh, it made my stomach sick to hear of your painting gone missing.

    I am so very sorry to hear this. I will join my thoughts with yours and will dear "Little, Little Light" to come back to you safe and sound and full of renewed joy.

    Wishing you peace and hope for better moments to come.

    Virtual hugs--Melinda

  2. oh Linny, that is really sad!! and the Christmas season upon us and everything!!! I hope 'Little Little Light' will soon be returned to you. It is a wonderful little painting, in perfect Linny style.

  3. Hi Linny,

    I am so sorry. You are so kind and warm, it's crazy that someone would want to take your painting. I am affirming that somehow it will be found, and returned in good condition.

    I felt so sad when I read this.


  4. This is unbelievable and upsetting. I hope this lovely one is returned safe and sound.

  5. Thank-you for joining with me with positive wishes for the return of "Little, Little Light", Melinda! (Imagine the tale that Little, Little will have to tell...)

  6. Thank-you, for sending me your dear wishes for Little, Little Light's return, Sally!

  7. Thank-you for your kind words and wishes, Barbara! (I've been putting a positive spin on it and trying to feel flattered rather than disappointed and optimistic that "Little, Little Light" ,somehow, will return.)

  8. Thank-you, Prahba - I'm staying open to miracles!

  9. Little Light

    Little Light... Oh my Little Light!
    Your presence stolen from my sight.
    Some unkind hand took you away,
    Your absence causes "Me" dismay.

    My friends all hope... you somehow might,
    Be returned to me out of sense of right.
    Perhaps the hand will be spurred by its heart, To return my Light... MY piece of Art.

    If because of greed you can't return,
    Your lovely presence will forever burn,
    In the hearts and minds of those who've seen,
    Your magical colour... and beauty so serene.

    Just a little ditty... but it (sort of)puts a positive spin... if there is one... on your loss Linny! I have had the same experience... a few times! "Little Light" carries a Linny "touch"... that really makes it special!

    Warmest regards,


  10. Bruce, you do my heart good. I'm honored and I know that "Little, Little Light" is somewhere all aglow with the knowledge that it's been blessed with a Bruce ditty! Thank-you.

  11. It is beyond me how someone could get any enjoyment from this darling painting, knowing how they acquired it! But, there is a history of the best works having this Linny, you are in the best of company!

  12. Thank-you for your dear words, Carol! I appreciate your uplifting sentiments towards "Little, Little Light".


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