Friday, 17 December 2010

River Rocks - Sooke

This is another Linnyland tale of dark and light...
I painted this one way back in
late October, (it seems to me like way, way back).
Fellow , fellow artist, Jeffrey J. Boron and I went out
to the Sooke Potholes for a painting adventure.
It was a decent day with a sky full of promises.
While we did our exploring the sky
continued to promise even more light.
After a warm and very sunny picnic lunch we set up to paint.
All was well at the start but about 10 minutes into painting
the clouds came in and it was so dark that
there were bats flying
back and forth and all around.
I really like bats so
I concentrated on the shapes that I
could still make out, (the rock shapes not the bat shapes),
and continued on with an "afternoon nocturnal paint".
And, amazingly, (as you know how it sometimes goes),
the sun didn't reappear once we were done.
"River Rocks - Sooke"
oil on wood panel
10 x 8


  1. Linnyland?! They must have been rejoicing that you and Jeffrey had arrived.

    I can sense the day in this painting. It is intriguing, with great light and contrasts.

    It's always the way with plein air painting, yes? Seems like nature knows. Hmmm. Maybe nature is happy, too, that you are there painting and appreciating the land.

  2. Love the humor! Its never a dull day in Linnyland!

  3. Hi Linny,

    This is great, strong and moody. Painting in bat light. What a girl! I like bats too because they eat mosquitoes, but I don't like them in our school house in Nova Scotia. I mean there's a limit!


  4. Oh la la! Je reconnais bien là votre style qui n'en manque pas!...
    Je vous fais de gros bisous et vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes à vous et à tous ceux que vous aimez.

  5. Whatever mood you create, your sense of pattern and design reigns supreme and is always the strongest element in the painting!

  6. Things were batty in Linnyland! Thank-you, Melinda, for your comment and for mentioning me on your recent Notch posting as well.

  7. Hi Barbara,

    Thank-you for your comments. I agree with you and I must qualify that I like bats out of doors, (plus there might just be a little batman & robin/catwoman flashback thing going on for me,too).

  8. Merci beacoup, Martine Alison and joyeux noel!

  9. Thank-you, Marie. (I am appreciating the design in this one myself and it's good to hear that another design orientated painter sees it, too.)

  10. I love your large shapes in this composition. Very cool.

  11. Thank-you for appreciating my big river rocks, Stephanie!

  12. Upon viewing your work at Sooke Harbour House I became overwhelmed with emotion. I was startled by my reaction! Beautiful and very much alive . . . well done!

  13. Welcome to Linnyland, Mona! Thank-you for visiting (here plus at the Sooke Harbour House)and for your wonderful comments, too!!


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