Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Rescue SOLD

This painting was inspired
by Margaret and Rutledge Park.
I met Margaret about 60 moons ago
during a summer art event where she suggested I visit
Rutledge Park in Saanich,
she thought the park might be inspiration for a painting.
A few moons later, on a sunny afternoon, I enjoyed an
ice cream cone visit to the special little Saanich park.
As well as a pink elephant named Rutley the park has,
at it's centre, a large and beautiful weeping willow tree.
There's a path to stroll all around the willow tree
and along the outer edge of the path there is a garden bed
with six large stones evenly spaced among the flowers.
Each stone is engraved with a section of a"stone poem"
that describes little bits of the park's history including
things like when the fields of the farm flooded
and the chickens had to be saved.
And now, 57 or 58 moons (or there about) since,
the imagery from my visit to Rutledge park inspired
this little Linnyland painting.
(Margaret, thank-you, you were right!)
"The Rescue",
oil on canvas
12 x 12

Private Collection
Brentwood Bay BC Canada


  1. What a wonderful story Linney. Perfect accompaniment to your lovely painting! Happy New Year my friend. I also wanted to say I ADORE Winter Memories. Have a prosperous and healthy 2011.

  2. HI there Linny!.... Happy New Year to "You"!

    Love the painting and the story Linny. I don't know if "You" intended.... but your compositional dynamics create a symbolic visual metaphor for me at least:

    The Guardian (Willow)... protecting the Guardian (Farmer).

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of Mankind assumed the role of Guardianship/Stewardship of Mother Earth?

    "She"... as Guardian... in turn would offer her protection and plenty endlessly for generations to come!

    A lovely painting and thoughts Linny... as usual!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Hello, thank-you, and Happy New Year, Sheila! Wishing you happiness and lots of good suprises in 2011!

  4. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts and your good wishes, Bruce! Happy, Happy and more Happy to you and yours in 2011!

  5. This willow tree has a charm of its own! Especially the way the leaf bunches droop. Have a Great New Year Linny!

  6. The scene really does evoke the moment of relief and beauty shielded by the magnificent willow tree.

    Happy new year and best wishes for lots of good memories to come!

  7. And just one moon later, here I am reading it...

    Lovely painting, lovely work. It reminded me of the park in Boston.

  8. Hi Linny,

    What a gorgeous painting. The willow is so perfect, and the boat saving the chickens is heroic. Super.


  9. Une sorte d'arche de NoƩ... Bises

  10. Thank-you Prabha and I wish you the same!

  11. Thank-you for everything, Melinda (Queen of the Clouds.)

  12. Thank-you, Susan. Every park needs a willow, doesn't it?

  13. Barbara - THANK-YOU! (Yourcomments are always so warm and wonderful!)


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