Saturday, 16 April 2011

Afternoon Light - East Sooke Park

This one is from my first painting adventure this spring.
(Yes, those are rusty rocks in the foreground!)
Last week fellow fellow painter, Jeffrey Boron,
and I enjoyed a semi-sunny, semi-warm afternoon
at the beautiful East Sooke Park.
"Afternoon Light - East Sooke Park"
oil on wood panel
8 x 10


  1. Gorgeous Linny,

    Summer has been and gone. It snowed yesterday and again today. The snow disappears quickly and there are little flowers cropping up everywhere, but it is still mighty cold.

    I love Linnyland.


  2. Such a calming, beautifully painted image. I can imagine for a moment, that you were very happy to be there on such a good day.

  3. Thank-you, Barbara! (The weather this year seems to be a lesson for us all to really be in the moment - then to love whatever the moment bring us...)

  4. Thank-you, Melinda, it was a super afternoon! (This weekend I was thinking of you and your open studio and I'm just tickled to read how well it went for you!)

  5. Hi there Linny!... Good to see your work again!

    A real "dash" of warm colours... to lift the cold spirits of everyone visiting Linnyland!

    My brother Don... also located in Victoria... is fed up with your weather. Wishes that he were back in his winter home in Yuma! Get along ... little Donny!HAHA!!

    A nice sketch! Love the dash-driven horizontal focus! Very peaceful mood!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

    PS Thanks for your heart-warming welcome back left on my site! Glad to be back posting!

  6. Thanks for the welcome to Linnyland! Found it through Melinda's blog. Love your "visit to a dream" style -- what a great description. This is beautiful, capturing the warm afternoon light and a bit of the cool blue of the water.

  7. Thanks Bruce!
    (Maybe I'll tag along with little Donny to Yuma...)

  8. Hi Donald, thanks for visiting Linnyland and thank-you for your comment, too!


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